Go Pete Ashdown!

Ethan called me last week and asked me to participate in the Pete Ashdown Day that he has arragned from SLCSpin to support Pete's efforts in running for the Senate.

So, I am...

You can check out Pete Ashdown's website here to read up on the ways that he is planning to improve Utah.

I personally believe that anyone that is willing to try to knock Orrin off his pedistal is a good choice for me! We need new blood in the Senate seat. Someone that is looking out for us and not blinded by their set ways. Pete Ashdown is a successful business man, he started XMission, the largest web hosting company in Utah. He is technically saavy and has a good head for business.

My statements aren't nearly as articulate as some others that I have read, but I am glad to support him still, even if I don't have 4 paragraphs on how wonderful he is.

Please, Please, Please get Orrin OUT and put Pete IN!

Go Pete Ashdown!

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Stenar said...

You can also read my tasteless (or less tasty) blog about why I support Pete Ashdown here: