Controversial Topic

I have been trying to find a controversial topic to post here on my blog so that I can have as much, if not more mud slinging on here then there is on other blogs around...

This is the closest I could find to controversy... that I cared about, at least.

REAL controversy... click here


Terri said...


Serously I just peed my panties!
That is the most wickedest, flat out crazy mother-f*&%in' thing I have seen in SOOOOOOOOO long.

Thank you for the VERY***********
loooooooooong and GReAt~* LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saroo said...

Did you really pee your panties?!?!

Now THAT is funny!

TibKat said...

This is perfect for Shauna... it could be the number one sport for Little Town Colorado!!! Go Mayor Shauna!!!!

Terri said...


Do I ever lie about peeing me panties?

Travelocosity said...

I'd like to see the mud slinging. Sounds like fun. Where? Where? Where?

Aaron said...

I have the ability to do that front hand spring kick. I'll have to show you guys some time. It's wicked cool!

Terri said...

Me TOO, Aaron!!!
What a cahwinkee-dink~!