Joseph Call Backs?

So, I auditioned for this play on Tuesday... it's now Friday and I haven't heard if I am invited to the call backs TOMORROW!?!?!!!

What is up with community theater?

Why are they so po-dunk?

I will probably feel better if and when they just call to let me know whether I am called back. Terri has a theory.. she thinks that us Brand girls were too good to be called back. She thinks that they are afraid that we will all outshine the other members of the "Murray City Arts In The Park Company".

I like this theory!

It makes me feel better about the fact that THEY HAVEN'T CALLED ME BACK YET!!!


Terri said...

I like your idea of just showing up there tomorrow morning at 9 and be like, "Hey! I got some dance moves you'all gotta see!!!"

tracifree said...

I concur with Terri - just show up because they all better recognize.

Travelocosity said...

I TOTALLY concur with Terri. What are they gonna do to compete? They can't and they're jealous. It will only show their ability to overcome their ego if you get called back. Your talent is undisputed!