Face Lift

I helped Terrible Tee give her blog a facelift last night.

I was tweeking and trying to make it look good until 12:30am... We started messing with it at 8pm.

So, go check it out! It's pretty sweet. I am actually jealous that her blog looks so 'coo' now.

I am going to tackle mine later on today (after church), so check back periodically and you might be surprised with my new face lift too!


Terri said...

Oh I'll be there with BELLS on to help you this afternoonio!

Love, love, love*!!!

Terri Lee Lee

tracifree said...

Yo - your links are gone!

Terri said...

This is So RAD Saroo. My links were gone after my revamp of my blog too. How do ya fix it?

Saroo said...

I am not finished yet. It is still "UNDER CONSRUCTION". I will probably have everything worked out tonight after I get home.

Don't worry little peeps... everything will be back on my site once I am completely finished.

TibKat said...

It's sooo SPRINGie!!! Nice! It is a bit difficult to read with the whole multiple colored flowers... But it's very CuTe! ;) I know you'll maKE it perfect.