Mike and I are going to take a MUCH needed vacation down to San Diego the first weekend in November. We are flying down, staying at a beach-side resort and going to Sea World... all of which I have NEVER done before!!! I am SOOOOO excited!Mike keeps texting me today and saying, Hi San Diego!

It is going to be so much fun, I can't wait!

Do You Know The United States?

I got this little quiz for third graders from an old friend of mine via email. It is a quiz to see if you know where all the 48 States should be placed on the map in the alloted time (which is I think about 3 minutes).

Now, I tried this quiz and FAILED!!!

I got 28 out of 48. How pathetic am I!?!?

United States Quiz

Take the quiz and let me know how you did. You most likely will do better than I did.

I Am A Forum Whore!

Have you ever been a member of a Forum or Website and then stopped participating in it? I was a member of a Forum for about a year and after some time I decided that I didn't want to participate in it anymore... So, I contacted the administrator and asked to be removed from the Forum. Just today I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone had brought me up on this Forum since I left... so I did a search for my call sign. Low and behold they had inquired about me back in June... they had a full on conversation speculating about why I had pulled the plug. I pulled the plug about 6 months prior mind you.

I thought this was funny. That is the first time I have visited that website in, well I can't remember the last time I visited it. But, anyway... I find it interesting that people were trying to put reasons in that "fill in the blank" space that they didn't understand. And even the ones that DID know why, played dumb like they didn't. The true reason I stopped going to that Forum is because after obsessing over it for a while (and I mean obsessing), I realized something... I am a Forum Whore! I would get so wrapped up in the Forum that I wouldn't really work during the day. I kept checking to see if anyone had responded to my brilliant comments that I had left! I would argue, make jokes, pontificate and go on with these people that I didn't know! I would basically waste tons of time during the day when I could be doing much more productive things. I forgot about that whole being accountable for the time that I spend and what I do with that time!

When I finally realized this, the first thing I did was contact the administrator and I politely asked to be removed from the Forum... Everything... my call sign, my picture, my everything! But, before that... I went into as many posts as I could and deleted what I had written (probably a bit overly dramatic, but I did it nonetheless). I was DONE with Forums (and still am, except the Battlestar Galactica one, which doesn't really count I think, and I don't visit it very much at all). Then I discovered the BLOG. This format suited me so much better than the Forum did. I could log on, post my thoughts, get comments... but, I didn't feel like a whore doing it and I don't waste nearly as much time either! yay Blogs!


Okay, so I guess it won't hurt to make the BIG announcement now.

I do indeed have a bun in the oven... aka... preg-o, aka... with child, aka... Katie Holmes

I am sure most of you that didn't know were thinking to yourselves... well, maybe... well, I don't know... her posts have been a little cryptic lately, but I still don't know for sure.

Well, now you do!

I am due March 31st and have been sewn shut so the baby doesn't fall out this time, like it has in the past.

We are hoping and praying that this one will stick this time around. Otherwise, I guess its back to the drawing board.

That is why I have missed so much work and been so sick for so long. I am sure now everyone is like OOOOHHH!!! Well, now that makes perfect sense!

Yes, yes it does.

a BIG Thanks to All!

As some of you are aware... last week I had some surgery. Everything is fine and I am recovering splendidly! I just wanted to give a big THANKS to those of you that came and sat with me, made me dinner, cleaned our house, sent me cards and brought me presents (feel free to bring more any time).

Last week I think I watched about 15 movies and all of the first season of Battlestar Galactica... again. Mike set up a little tv and dvd player in our room and I just layed in there and watched, watched, watched. Yesterday I finally decided that I needed a change of scenery and moved to the couch in the livingroom.

I am supposed to go back to work today, but am not feeling that great about it. I don't know if it is just me being lazy or if I really need one more day. I am going to go anyway, but am a little hesitant. Anyway, we will see how I feel later on today. I might leave early depending...

But, I do need to give a HUGE thank you to all of you that came and helped me last week. THANKS!

9/11 Remembered

I was driving to Realms the morning that I heard Jimmy Chunga on the radio (of all people) notify me that a plane had hit one of the two towers in NYC. That was five years ago today. That day was so surreal, I couldn't watch anything on television until later that afternoon. After that I was glued to the t.v. as I am sure everyone was. How the world has changed because of that day and how it is continuing to change.

It's September 11th... and I remembered. Hopefully I won't ever forget.

I wonder where you were when you heard... What was your reaction? Mine was utter SHOCK!

Labor Day Joy!

Since I haven't written about anything this week, this is like the topper for me. enjoy!

Mike and I went out to the Salt Flats on Labor Day and shot some photos of me...
Here is the first one that I am posting up.

I might feel like posting up more later, but not now.

Fall is in the Air

It's the 1st of September and I can feel the Fall in the air. With all the kids being back in school and the nights getting a little cooler, it makes me want to break out all my fall sweaters. I love when the seasons change.
It's the start of a new or the beginning cycle of something new. The leaves changing then falling off the trees. All the beautiful colors of Fall. I love Fall and have been looking forward to it for about a month now. So, Happy September the 1st!