Okay, so I guess it won't hurt to make the BIG announcement now.

I do indeed have a bun in the oven... aka... preg-o, aka... with child, aka... Katie Holmes

I am sure most of you that didn't know were thinking to yourselves... well, maybe... well, I don't know... her posts have been a little cryptic lately, but I still don't know for sure.

Well, now you do!

I am due March 31st and have been sewn shut so the baby doesn't fall out this time, like it has in the past.

We are hoping and praying that this one will stick this time around. Otherwise, I guess its back to the drawing board.

That is why I have missed so much work and been so sick for so long. I am sure now everyone is like OOOOHHH!!! Well, now that makes perfect sense!

Yes, yes it does.


Terri said...

tea and cake, please!

tracifree said...

You are so official it's not even funny.

Terri said...


lily said...

Sarah I am so very very excited for you!!! How happy and wonderful!!!! Everything is going to work out perfectly this time... heaven knows you deserve it!!