9/11 Remembered

I was driving to Realms the morning that I heard Jimmy Chunga on the radio (of all people) notify me that a plane had hit one of the two towers in NYC. That was five years ago today. That day was so surreal, I couldn't watch anything on television until later that afternoon. After that I was glued to the t.v. as I am sure everyone was. How the world has changed because of that day and how it is continuing to change.

It's September 11th... and I remembered. Hopefully I won't ever forget.

I wonder where you were when you heard... What was your reaction? Mine was utter SHOCK!


Terri said...

I had just had Willow 2 weeks before, and I literally felt the world was coming to an end.
I was asleep in then, Shauna and Kurtis' basement. Shauna came running into my room and told me that one of the Towers at the World Trade Center had been hit by an airplane. I remember running upstairs with my little baby Willow, and seeing the image of the 1st plane hitting. I still get goosebumps and want to cry every year of it's reunion.
Almost a half hour after watching solid t.v., We actually witnessed the 2nd plane hitting the other Tower live. Following that we heard of the one that crashed, flight 93 into the ground and the one that hit the Pentagon (that one we witnessed live via t.v.).
My heart breaks still to this day for all of the people who died that were in the Towers,for the ones that ran into the Towers to save the ones inside, and our Nation, as it grieves it's 5th year of rememberance of the day that changed all of our lives FOREVER.

Aaron said...

I was in bed listening to fm 100 and they said an air plane had hit one of the Twin Towers so I ran doownstairs and kicked on the tv. I told Kami (who was in the shower) what was happening and turned to watch more when in came the second plan and the rest is history. What a day, what a day. I'll never forget the courage those brave men and women showed that day. My heart goes out to the families of those lost. Every one should go see Sandy Cities Healing Fields display. It puts the number of people lost that day into perspective, at least it did for me.

tracifree said...

I was stuck on traffic on my way to work in Seattle. Strangers in their individual steel boxes, some crying, others stunned. At work we plugged in an old black and white TV to watch the story unfold. Being in PST I had misssed the planes actually striking the towers; I'm grateful for that. It really didn't hit me until a full week later, driving home listening to Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing, every flag I passes was at half mast. It was then I truly lost it. I visited Ground Zero in 2002. It really is just a hole in the ground, but its my hole too as much as anybody's.

Shav said...

So as Terri said, we were at my then home in Ogden.

The alarm went off and all of these erroneous reports flooded the radio; the White House had been hit, car bombings, you name it. I literally thought, "This is it,the end of the world as we know it." Of course a lot of the reports were accurate, I mean who before that day, would have believed that the World Trade Center, the epic center of modern commerce, The Pentagon and plane headed to the Capitol would have actually happened?

So,we flipped on the TV in the living room and the second plane hit the other tower. I honestly thought it had been a replay of the first hit. It was too surreal to believe. I likend it to a movie, as many people did.

I saw "World Trade Center" last month. I cried during the first 5 minutes of the movie. Seeing the people covered in soot once again, papers flying, people jumping from windows, it was so real all over again.

Shav said...

Ok, I know this is extremely picky (and very much me) but I had written a couple of type-o's in my previous comment and wanted to correct them. First of all and the most blatant error...I do know the difference between Epic Center and Epicenter. The latter is what I should have written. Also an "a" should have accompanied "plane headed to..." There you go. I feel better now.