Silly Serpent

The other night Mikey and I were out in the front yard. We'd just put Tucy down for the night and he was changing a sprinkler head that had been damaged at some point. I heard our neighbors next door talking about how they had found something in the bushes next to their house. Now, I knew that it was a gardener snake, because I have seen this snake a couple of times. I was glad that they had discovered it, but didn't really think anything more of it. The kids across the street all ran over to look at the snake and the boy that lives next door (lets call him Boy 1), I guess didn't want it, so one of the kids that lives across the street (actually their dad lives across the street, their mom lives a couple blocks away, but that's another story for another time) anyway, the boy across the street (lets call him Boy 2), I guess was gonna take the snake, because Boy 1 didn't want it, or something. Anyway, so, Mikey and I are sitting out in the front yard and we hear this exchange:

Boy 1 - You can't take it, don't go!
Boy 2 - I'm gonna go home.
Boy 1 - You CAN'T! Don't go, you ass-hole!
Mikey - Did he just call one of those kids an ass-hole?
Boy 1 - I want it back! I want to keep it!

This all happens as Boy 2 is walking across the street with a Costco diaper box that has some holes cut into it, obviously holding their new found friend. Boy 1 runs after him crying hysterically, wanting his new friend, the gardener snake back.

Key Note: The information that I forgot to mention and the thing that makes this decidedly even more funny is that these boys are about 6 years old.

You say you want a... what?!

My good friend Ethan and my husband are going to be working on a documentary about this... they will be traveling over to Romania in July to film everything, then will be putting it together and distributing it to High schools and Colleges.

December Films is looking for donations that will be matched $ for $ up to $5k. If you are interested in contributing... go here.

Audience Participation

So, I have had this here blog now for more than two years! Yay me!

But, the sad thing about this fact is that my audience hasn't increased at all! In fact I have fewer participants than I had at the beginning... and I know about life and all, but c'mon people! Is it that hard to leave a comment?

I try to go to blogs and read up and leave comments if I am inspired to... I guess maybe I should do that more often. Then maybe you'd be inspired by my inspiration. I have to give that a whirl or lookskie or whatever the lingo is nowaways.

Speaking of lingo, we watched "Juno" last night and for the first 10 minutes of that movie I had no idea what those girls were talking about! Am I getting old?

Ballroom Weight

Uh, hmmm...

So, here I am again, talking about the weight that I still need to lose. Mikey and I had a conversation on Saturday about how long I have been talking about losing weight. And, how I haven't really done much at all to lose it. Its been a year. I was working out in the yard on Saturday, pulling weeds and today my legs are so incredibly sore! I just pulled some weeds!

I am in ridiculously awful shape. I want to start taking a ballroom dancing class next month. It will all depend on our budget. I would love to take one. There is a beginning class that is once a week for an hour and a half per class. You learn all the basics... The Tango, Waltz, Fox Trot, Jive... etc... etc... I can't think of anything else that excites me more about working out then ballroom dancing.

Except maybe the Cardio Cinema room... which I haven't been inside in a long time. I'm gonna go tonight. I hope they don't have a stupid movie playing.


I haven't really updated about the things that Tucy has started to accomplish lately. So, here goes...

* I don't know why she thinks that she needs to throw her sippy cup on the floor after every drink. It doesn't matter how thirsty she is.
* She is now fluent in the following words: Uh-Oh, Daddy, Boo, Hi Daddy, Whoa, Oops, did I say Daddy? And as of today... Hello, except she says it like, Ello!
* A crawling maniac inside the house and on the sidewalk, but hates and I mean hates the grass, unless I force her to walk on it... then she's fine.
* Using everything like its a phone... toys, car seat buckle, everything... I guess I talk on the phone more than I thought I did.
* Picking up her books, opening them and reading to herself. Although I can't understand a word she's saying, I know that she can read perfectly and she's only 15 months.
* Standing up for a minute or two at a time... she was doing this more about a week ago, now she won't let go of my fingers when she is standing. I guess it comes and goes.
* Splashing in the bath tub I think is her favorite thing to do and she's really good at it.

That's about all that I can think of right now. I'll try to be better about updates of what shes doing and how shes developing. I said I'd try.

So Nleep Rof Me!

So, last night was the official first time that Tucy has been "up all night" with a sickness.

She had been fussy all afternoon and didn't want me to leave her sight. I thought that it was because one of her aunts came over and she can get kinda clingy when people come over that she isn't used to. She refused to take a nap in the afternoon and so, I finally got her ready for bed at about 7:00 and just put her down. She was still a little fussy after a couple minutes and I figured that it was her teeth bugging her, so I went back into her room and gave her some Tylenol. Then I went down in the basement at about 7:25 to eat my dinner and watched some tv. At about 7:45 she started to cry. I thought that she was just overly tired and so, I was trying to let her cry it out. Mikey came home about 20 minutes later and went in to get her. She had throw-up all over her bed, clothes, face, hair... everything.

How was I to know? I feel completely guilty for not checking on her and taking care of the puke right away, but how was I to know that she threw up?

I gave her a bath. Put her in clean clothes and put everything else in the washer. She has a couple blankets that she LOVES and cannot go to sleep without them. So, I had to wash them quickly so that she would go back to sleep. Mikey rocked her while cleaned everything up. We finally put her back down at about 9:00. She woke up again at midnight and I made her a bottle (which she rarely gets now, because she has just had a sippy cup for months) and Mikey gave her the bottle and was going to put her back down. Well, she threw-up the entire bottle.

So, I pulled her out of her soaked clothes, got her the other "favorite" blanket and some new jammies. Then I sent Mike to bed and I stayed in her room with her until almost 2am rocking her. I put her down, stumbled into bed, had a dream about seeing The Police in concert and was awakened again at 4:45 by her whimpering. Went back into her room and rocked her back to sleep. I went back to bed at almost 6:00 and was awakened again by the morning routine of Mikey.

I think that she is feeling a bit better now. She still hasn't eaten anything of substance yet, but I'm hoping that I can get her to eat this afternoon.

What a night!