Audience Participation

So, I have had this here blog now for more than two years! Yay me!

But, the sad thing about this fact is that my audience hasn't increased at all! In fact I have fewer participants than I had at the beginning... and I know about life and all, but c'mon people! Is it that hard to leave a comment?

I try to go to blogs and read up and leave comments if I am inspired to... I guess maybe I should do that more often. Then maybe you'd be inspired by my inspiration. I have to give that a whirl or lookskie or whatever the lingo is nowaways.

Speaking of lingo, we watched "Juno" last night and for the first 10 minutes of that movie I had no idea what those girls were talking about! Am I getting old?


emily said...

i am crap at leaving comments. sorry!

Team Brewer said...

This is a pity comment due to the desperate plea for comments. Feel appreciated. ;)

tracifree said...

So what WERE those girls talking about?

TibKat said...

I loved Juno... you should watch the WE channel... they did a documentary following a bunch of girls through High School, talk about eye opening!!