The Essence of Fall

We took these pictures this weekend... Nuf said.

Mike is taking the computer with him again today so, I don't have nearly enough time to write my full post. He keeps taking it to work with him because he is using it for a film he has been working on... its too complicated to really explain. Just know that I have only had a computer for like 2 days out of the last month, which explains my lack of new posts. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, I know that I do.

I know, I suck!

So, I was reprimanded last night while I was talking to tracifree on the phone. She scolded me for not posting anything new lately and then left a comment about an hour ago on the post just before this one stating the same disgust with my lack of new posts.

Now, I wanted to do this whole update with pictures and all, but the truth of the matter is that all the pictures we have are on the "mac" side of this computer and I can't figure out how to down size them so I can post them anywhere!!! When I say anywhere I actually mean I can't post them here or on my family website.

So, I need to wait for Mikey to get home so that he can convert them and then I can post them along with a real post where I actually have something to say other than an apology. I have quite a few run-on sentences in this post. Maybe that's what this post can be about... run-on sentences. I love run-on sentences and the truth of that matter is that sometimes I can't figure out how to end my sentence which is why it keeps going and going and going and going.... kinda like this one. That's prolly most peoples problem with run-on sentences.

the end.