Fall Previews

I have turned into a t.v. junkie and not for just any television.

For Network television!!!

I have been an HBO snob for so long that I forgot what Network television was like, and now I can't help myself. I'm not going to go into the wide assortment of programs that I find myself watching throughout the day... see, these are the effects of a DVR. The reason that I never watched Network television before was because I didn't have the time. Now that I have the DVR I don't have to have the time... I can watch it whenever I happen to have the time. I just record it and then watch it whenever! It rocks, but then it doesn't.

This is quite the little kerfuffle that I cause on a daily basis. Now, I could be spending my time when Tucy is napping, with other things... like folding laundry or washing the dishes or something productive, but instead I find myself plopped in front of that blessed 65" screen, watching, watching, watching... until she wakes up.

Then I am frustrated, because I haven't done anything that I had planned and I spend the rest of the night kicking myself for having to cram all those chores into the hour and a half before Mike gets home, so I can spend some quality time with him where he doesn't mention the fact that I haven't done anything that day.

But, today! Today I actually accomplished something before that blessed nap. I did stuff! The stuff isn't all that important, but it was productive stuff and it made me feel like I did accomplish something today! Something like stuff! Stuff feels good to do, especially before the husband gets home from work. That stuff feels fantastic!

Anyway... Fall Previews have been a curse for me, until today. Today the Fall Previews took a backseat to the stuff. yay me!