Timeshare Woes'

Dear Owner Services,

We sold our timeshare that we owned before we were married and I inherited after we were married, about 4 months ago. And it's still in our name. This has been nothing less than a nightmare. After many phone calls, which by the way, the new owner doesn't even have the same phone number anymore... and almost letters drafted up from our Lawyer... I got a call from the lady that brought us money in exchange for the Timeshare back in April. I explained to her that we keep getting information about this Timeshare and that it still is not in their name.

THEN... After I have talked to your office about 50 times, I called last week and they tell me that the County will NOT send them a copy of the Deed... Oh, no... he said... that's your responsibility to send that up to us. WELL THANKS FOR CLARIFYING!!! I've been trying to sort his bloody thing out for 4 months now and NOW you tell me that?!?! I have asked specifically about that and everyone that I have talked to said that the County would send you a copy... but now they WON'T? And to top it all off... I have been trying to get a hold of someone for 3 FREAKING days and no one has called me back AND we just got another Statement for the Maintenance fees that state that if they aren't paid by the end of October then a Lien will be placed on the property!

Thanks Owner Services... You're truly a gem.