Are you a MexiCAN or a MexiCANT?

Mike left this morning for Mexico. I took him and Chuck to the airport at 7am this morning. He called me tonight when they arrived in Mexico. I am trying to find out if we can talk on our cell phones free of charge with our mobile to mobile service.

I have been on the cell phone website now for the last 20 minutes trying to get any information, but to no avail. I will have to check back in the morning and see if our conversation registers on the site. I am afraid that we are going to owe like $50.0o for chatty, chatting on the phone. I guess its worth it... he is away and I hate it when he is away.

He said that they made it just fine with Chuck speaking broken Spanish. I am sure that he is going to have quite the adventure. He is going to have quite the story to tell when he gets home. I can't wait for him to get home and he hasn't even been gone for 18 hours yet.

anywhoo... I have to clean my house now. Mikes mom is coming over tomorrow and I don't want her to think that we live in a... you know.

He'll Never Say THAT Again!

Yesterday Mike and I took Tucy up to his parents house to spend the day so he and I could spend a few hours together. We dropped her off at about 12:00pm, then we went to lunch at The Pub. We were going to go to a movie but missed the show that we had planned to go to so we decided to go to REI and get a stroller for the little bug. When we went into the store we found the strollers off to the right side of the store, but they didn't have the right stroller that we needed. Mike went and tracked down someone to help us and he walked us over to the bike station to look up the stroller that we were inquiring about. He looked up the stroller in the computer and told us that they didn't have one in stock and that they had some on order that would be coming later this month... the rest of the conversation went as follows:

Him: It looks as though you have a little while before you'll be needing it. (pointing at my stomach)
Me: She's been born.
Him: Oh, um, I'm sorry!
Me: It's okay.
Him: How old is he or she?
Me: A couple months (I didn't have the heart to say 3)
Him: I guess it takes a couple months for everything to go back the way it was.
The sales guy next to him: Whoops!
Me: Let that be a lesson to you.
The sales guy next to him:
You'll never say THAT again!!
Me: Never Assume.

Mike was floored with how I "jumped all over is A$$". I didn't think that I jumped. All though it is a little out of character for me to be that confrontational with someone that I don't know. But, I haven't ever had anybody say that to me before. It was quite humorous even right afterward. Mike was sure that the poor guy was going to feel badly about it for the rest of the day and tell his wife about his "open mouth, insert foot" moment. I actually felt bad for the guy, but was glad that I could teach him this valuable lesson. You really shouldn't assume that about anybody... it's bad form. Anyway, we didn't end up buying that stroller after all. We went to a different store and bought a stroller for 2/3's the cost... along with some Rollerblades for me. After that we went and picked up Tucy, drove to a park and went rollerblading. I don't ever want someone to assume that I am pregnant (when I'm not, or even when I am!) again!


I watched DreamGirls last night for the first time.

Can I just say that I L-O-V-E, LOVE this movie!!! Jennifer Hudson deserved the Oscar for her performance... she was incredible!
If you haven't seen it... go rent it right away and watch it you won't regret it.

Morning Walk

I followed Mike downtown this morning so we could take our truck into the mechanic to have it worked on, because it won't pass the emissions test until the check engine light turns off and in order for that to turn off we need to replace the catalytic converter (whatever that is).

ANYWAY, my point isn't to talk about my car wo's... my point of this post is to talk about what I saw when I was driving to take our truck in this morning. I was driving on 7th east making my way over to I-215 when I saw a little mother on the side of the road with her little ones all in toe. They were waiting to cross the street.

So, I slowed to a stop and hoped that the other cars in the lane next to me would notice this mother and stop as well. It took about 2 or 3 cars to pass at top speed before a nice lady noticed that this mother wanted to make her way across this busy street and the nice lady stopped too. The mother was a Duck and the little ones were her ducklings. There were about 8 of them all following their mum across 7th East... waddle, waddle, waddling across the street.It was one of the sweetest things I have seen in quite some time.

I Love My Dead Gay Son...

And my new Blog layout!

Mending Fences

This last weekend has been the weekend of making things right with some of the people that mean the most to me. I have been mending some fences and I'll tell you what... it feels GREAT!!! For a year and a half I have had turmoil in my life with several people, both friends and family. Then, between Saturday and yesterday Mike and I just decided to make right the wrongs that had occurred. (It actually took more time than two days, but having to explain that would make me have to go into the time line of both occurrences and yadda, yadda, yadda... just take my word for it)

On Saturday night we had some friends over that we thought would never set foot in our house again. The things that were said and done back when were set right by apologies and hugs... then good eats, followed by dessert. Then on Sunday, since Mike and I were already feeling like we were making things right with people, decided to drive to my Mom's house and settle a family squabble that has been going on for some time now. Again, the things that were said and done back when were set right with apologies and hugs... but, no good eats or dessert followed that time.

Then when I went to bed last night the weirdest thing happened to me... Even though I was awakened by Tucy 2-3 times, I slept better then I have in quite some time. It's amazing what two small words can do for you... "I'm sorry" is so easy to say, but for some reason so hard to do. Mending these fences made me realize two things... 1- I should never again let my Pride get in the way of making a wrong a right. And 2- I am glad that I don't have any more fences to mend, but if I did, I would go out and mend it right away, because it feels Fantastical!!!

My Little Bunny

Mike took some pictures of Tucy on Easter... I thought I would post a few since I haven't put up any new ones of her lately.

I bought her this bunny the night before Easter. I was going to get her one that was bigger than the one she is holding, but decided against it. I am glad now that I didn't go for the bigger bunny... I think it would have swallowed her whole. As you can see this bunny is just about as big as she is and it wasn't all that big to begin with. It is now displayed on top of her dresser in her room.