Morning Walk

I followed Mike downtown this morning so we could take our truck into the mechanic to have it worked on, because it won't pass the emissions test until the check engine light turns off and in order for that to turn off we need to replace the catalytic converter (whatever that is).

ANYWAY, my point isn't to talk about my car wo's... my point of this post is to talk about what I saw when I was driving to take our truck in this morning. I was driving on 7th east making my way over to I-215 when I saw a little mother on the side of the road with her little ones all in toe. They were waiting to cross the street.

So, I slowed to a stop and hoped that the other cars in the lane next to me would notice this mother and stop as well. It took about 2 or 3 cars to pass at top speed before a nice lady noticed that this mother wanted to make her way across this busy street and the nice lady stopped too. The mother was a Duck and the little ones were her ducklings. There were about 8 of them all following their mum across 7th East... waddle, waddle, waddling across the street.It was one of the sweetest things I have seen in quite some time.