SnoWBiRd on a WiRe

I am up here at Snowbird right now looking out the screen door at the mountain side. The sun has set and it is getting dark, but I can still see the mountain because there is snow on the ground. I am currently sitting on the couch with the MacDoc on my lap and Tucy sleeping next to me.

We are up here this entire week. It is the first time that Mike or myself have been able to stay up here without having to go back down into town for work. That's not to say that we won't go back down into town at all, we just won't go back for work. In fact I think that we will be going into town tomorrow. I need to get Mike a Birthday gift and he is going to head to the Real game tomorrow night. So we will come back up here after he is finished with the game.

I am so glad that I am not working so that I can be up here and not feel obligated to go back into work. I was always so terrible with using my vacation for stupid things at work that I never had the vacation for an actual vacation. And since I never was able to have all the time off that was required for a vacation up here, Mike would just go into work because well, what else was he gonna do?

So this is the first time that we have been up here for the duration without having prior obligations like work. It has been super nice so far. We had my family up here Friday, Saturday and today. We have some friends coming up on Wednesday and Mikes family is coming up Tuesday. It is so much fun being here and I know that I will miss it when we leave. Its always so relaxing up here that I never wanna leave, until we have to, of course.

Bathing Suit BLUES

We are heading up to Snowbird tomorrow for a week long visit. I am so very excited about our going up there this time. We will have beautiful scenery, good food, family, friends, the list goes on an on... I am excited about all of it except for the spa stuff... The spa stuff including the roof top swimming pool, sauna and eucalyptus steam room all involve the dawning of a bathing suit.

This would be all fine and dandy if I hadn't had a baby two months ago and didn't feel like Large Marge. I had to actually go out and buy a full piece bathing suit yesterday. I can't remember the last time I wore a full piece bathing suit let alone owned one. Come to think of it... I don't think that I have ever owned a full piece bathing suit before yesterday.

I know that being a mother is a wonderful experience and all, but why can't it be a wonderful experience with my body going right back to the way it was before I got pregnant... Thats not asking for too much is it? I have no patience for weight loss. I know that wearing a full piece shouldn't be that big of a deal, but like everything lately this too is a HUGE deal.

Bathing suit excluded... this next week is going to be fantastic! I can't wait.

Mixed Tape/Playlist Anthology

So Mike and I were having a conversation last week about mixed tapes. I was recounting a mixed tape that I made at his house when he still lived with his parents (this was roughly 12 years ago...) And how I loved that tape! I would play it all the time in the family car (which was a Saturn). In fact it was in the tape deck all the time. Then one night our car got stolen. Someone walked into our house (which was always unlocked) took the key off the dining room table and just drove off with our car and guess what was in the tape deck? That's right! It was my mixed tape. Anyway, about three days later the police found the car and returned it to us, but guess what was missing?!?! You Got IT!!! My mixed tape that I loved so dearly. I was relating this story to Mike and this conversation followed:

Him: Didn't I make that tape for you?
Me: No
Him: Yes I did!
Me: No you didn't, you haven't ever made a mixed tape for me.
Him: Yes I have!
Me: No you haven't.
Him: I remember distinctly making a mixed tape for you.
Me: You must be thinking of someone else because I haven't ever received a mixed tape from you.
Him: Really?
Me: Really.
Him: That's too bad because mixed tapes don't really exist anymore. Everything is about playlists now.
Me: Yep.
Him: How about I make you the ultimate playlist filled with songs that remind me of you?
Me: Would you really do that?
Him: Of course. I would love to do that. But, I'll have to think about it for a few days first before I can actually sit down and make it.

So, after a few days, Mike sat down on Friday night at about 6pm and worked on the ultimate playlist. He finished it at about 12:30am. It truly is the Anthology of our relationship including all it's ups and downs. There are 99 songs or 8.1 hours of sentimental bliss. It begins with us becoming friends and ends with my having little Tucy. I love it and... it totally made me cry. I forgot how much music can impact you. I have the best playlist of all time because every song reminds me of something that Mike and I went through together. Playlists are the mixed tapes of today... Whoodda thunk it?

I could never have made an 8 hour mixed tape back then and I would never have thought that it would be possible to have a playlist (a play-what?) back when I made my mixed tape in Mikes basement at his parents house 12 years ago. Technology ROCKS!!!

A rope, A ball and an iPod~

Yesterday we went to DICK's sporting goods and bought an exercise ball, medicine ball, speed jump rope and an exercise mat for me. This is the start of my weight loss experience. So, this morning I took Tucy up to the park near our house and walked around it for 1 1/3 miles then came home and "worked out" using the exercise ball (which just about killed me) for about 15 minutes then I tried to jump rope, but the jumping was hurting my stomach so that didn't last all that long either.

The good thing is that I am trying and I am going to keep on trying until it doesn't hurt anymore, and at that point I will start to amp up the pace so I can start losing even more weight. At this point I am just going to be getting my body to not completely jiggle every time I do an exercise.

I am so completely grossed out by my jiggling body that it could be something that would normally discourage me, but this time I am trying so, so hard to not let it. I want this jiggle to go away and by having it gross me out to the point where I don't want to exercise isn't going to help me at all. It will just make me depressed about the way I look and then I will look even worse once I give in to not making an effort to try and get rid of the very thing that is making feel this way in the first place. Does that make sense? It does to me.

Anyway, so the very start of this journey includes a rope, a ball and an iPod... Oh, and I just found out that there is a Dancing with the Stars exercise DVD where I can exercise to the Salsa, Pasa Doble, Cha Cha and the Jive. I called Michael and told him that I really want to get that. I would love to learn those dances and in turn lose some weight AND not have to pay for dance lessons. It's a bonus all around.