#52 Almost...

So, on my list I have listed as #52

Track down Yolanda (last name disclosed for obvious reasons)... she was an old roommate of mine and I haven't talked with her since right after Mike and I got married. After that she just disappeared...

Until tonight.

I did a random search for her on Google this evening and guess what popped up...? Her profile on some weird website that's for "Anglo-Indians", because that is where she's from, India. So, I signed up on the website and sent her a Private Message... lets see if she responds. If she does then I get to cross one more thing off my list, if not then, I guess I still get to cross it off, because I did find her and I did try to make contact... I guess we'll have to just wait and see what happens.


On Madonna's website you can custom make a t-shirt to fit your fancy... Madonna Style!

Here is the t-shirt I created... and a link for you to make your own.

Flight of the Concord

My New Favorite SHOW... except for Battlestar, that's still #1, so this is technically #2.

One of the funniest shows I have seen in a loooong time. They are two comedians from New Zeland and they have this show on HBO. The plot is that they are two musicians from New Zeland trying to make it big in New York City, only they aren't very talented.

The story line moves along with the characters until something happens that sparks a song and then it leads into a song/music video, oh... it is so funny!

Here is a link to a music video for "Frodo"

How Well Do You Know ME?

Take the quiz and find out just how well you know me...

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Email Pet Peeving

One of the things that drives me banana's are people that pick and choose if and/or when they will respond to an email that I have sent to them...

I have taken time out of my day to write the email, the least you can do is respond! You could tell me to f-off... or tell me that you are too busy to write... or simply reply to all the nice conversational topics that I have covered in my email that took my precious minutes to write to you... But to not respond at all... whatthefuh??!!


So, I have been poking around on MySpace today and I discovered something truley wonderful! I found a bunch of peeps that I haven't been in contact with in like 2 years, maybe more. I just have no idea how to get ahold of them. The MySpace thing really kind of creeps me out. I think that it's for teenagers, but then there are all these people on there that are my age. So, I set up an account... yes I know! I can't believe it either, but I had to figure out how I could let all these peeps know that I am indeed alive and kicking still.

Amidst all my travels via MySpace I stumbled onto the page of this doll of a girl named Jillian that I was in a play with FOREVER ago and she had the most awesome of pictures on her page. It was one of us in that said play "Cabaret". You probably coulnd't pick me out of all the tail in this picture, but rest assured I am there. My how things have changed since then. Oh, here is the picture... in case you were interested.

Nintendo Classic!

I found a link today to download the old Nintendo games so you can play them on your computer... So, what did I do? I downloaded Super Mario Brothers 3, my favorite Nintendo game of all time. I started to play it and guess what? I SUCK!!! I guess not playing that game for roughly 12 years will make you a little rusty... I guess. Anyhow, I am so elated that I get to play this game again. I have been looking for it for eons. The time has finally come. Yay me!

My List

So, I was just going over my list because I am going to have them all under the Post Themes "My 101 List" here on my blog... anyway, as I was going through my list I discovered that there are several things that I have indeed accomplished on there that I haven't listed such as...

#15 Stain and Seal the front door; Although I didn't actually do this one (Mike did, because I was pregnant at the time) it still counts though.

#16 Finish flannel baby blankets; Again, this one is slightly modified, because I didn't actually finish the baby blankets for the people that I had originally planned to give them to... I made a real, real cute blanket with all the flannel (that I bought for everybody else) for baby Tucy before she was born.

#28 Take Mom to lunch; We actually went to a movie and then to lunch, back in Janurary.

#47 Get a shower curtain that matches the color scheme of the house; I got a shower curtain that is white with purpley butterflies on it.

#62 Organize the kitchen cabinets and drawers; I did this about a year ago and it is getting to be messy again, I am starting to not find things again... oh well.

#95 Play Basketball; Shav got a basketball standard last year and I went over there a few times and played basketball with her, even if it was "around the world" and "horse" it still counts in my book.

What am I Missing?

Mike went out of town this weekend. He left Friday night, heading down south to do a canyon with some other people. He called me from Greenriver and said that he would call me once he reached his final destination Friday night. Saturday morning came and I didn't really think anything about the fact that he didn't call. I thought that he didn't have service or something. Later on Saturday afternoon I got a call from Mike saying that he was finished with his hike, but that he had some car trouble on his way down south and when he hit Moab, his car overheated and died. We ran through the scenarios and possibilities and determined that the best option would be for me to go and pick him up.

So, at 5:30pm Saturday afternoon I packed a bag, loaded Tucy up in the car and off we went to go pick Mike up down outside of Moab. I finally got outside of Moab at about 11:40pm Saturday night. Mike took Tucy out of her car seat and she arched her back and stretched for about 15 minutes. She was tired of being in her car seat. I was oh, so glad to get out of the city limits! Mike said when we were heading back home that I needed a "Tucy stretch" and I really did. I feel totally revitalized. So, on our way back up it dawned on me. I have missed doing canyons with Mike. He has all this stuff planned for this summer that I cannot participate in and I am a little jealous of it. I wanna go too! There are of course a couple things that need to happen before I can go along with him again. A) I need to be able to fit into my climbing harness again. 2) We need to be able to leave Tucy with someone overnight, and Z) I need to be able to handle the entire hike... from car to trail head, trail head through canyon and then from the end of the canyon back to the car. that is going to take some major exercising...

So, I have given myself a time frame. I have made a goal that I am going to get ready to be able to run "The Squeeze" with Mike by September of this year. I can't handle not doing canyons anymore. I loved it so, so much and was driven away by my own issues that have now been resolved, so there really isn't any reason for me not to go on trips anymore. Except for the Tucy factor, but I could get in 1 or 2 trips and not have it be THAT big of a deal... right?

HaPpy AnNivErsARy!

It was our 7 year Anniversary on Saturday. Mike and I did house/yard work all day that day and ended up taking Tucy with us to dinner. All in all it was sort of uneventful. We talked about it at dinner how having this kid has been such a change that we both don't quite know which end is up right now. We had intended to bring her to my Mom's to have her watch her while we went to dinner and a movie but the house/yard work took too long and we just ended up taking her with us. It was really fine. She slept the entire time we were there.

You see we blessed her yesterday and had to get the house and yard ready for all to invade on Sunday. The blessing went very well and Tucy looked beautiful. Here she is in her blessing dress (that I made, btw).So, next year we have decided that we are going to go away somewhere and leaving the little Bambino here with someone. Oh, Bambino... that reminds me. Mike is back from Mexico and he brought us some things... He brought me some Mexican Vanilla (YUMMY!) and he brought Tucy a baby sombrero! We took a picture of her wearing the sombrero yesterday as well... here she is in it, the little Bambino!She is our little squirt! The Sombrero is a little too big for her head, but she still looks dang cute in it!