So, I have been poking around on MySpace today and I discovered something truley wonderful! I found a bunch of peeps that I haven't been in contact with in like 2 years, maybe more. I just have no idea how to get ahold of them. The MySpace thing really kind of creeps me out. I think that it's for teenagers, but then there are all these people on there that are my age. So, I set up an account... yes I know! I can't believe it either, but I had to figure out how I could let all these peeps know that I am indeed alive and kicking still.

Amidst all my travels via MySpace I stumbled onto the page of this doll of a girl named Jillian that I was in a play with FOREVER ago and she had the most awesome of pictures on her page. It was one of us in that said play "Cabaret". You probably coulnd't pick me out of all the tail in this picture, but rest assured I am there. My how things have changed since then. Oh, here is the picture... in case you were interested.


Em said...

i think you're the one leaning back looking blue.
am i right? eh? eh?

Anonymous said...

Are you the girl to the right of the girl in the center? Kind of behind her? With a black bang?

tex said...

yep, em. yepper doodles. she is the one looking bleu!