My List

So, I was just going over my list because I am going to have them all under the Post Themes "My 101 List" here on my blog... anyway, as I was going through my list I discovered that there are several things that I have indeed accomplished on there that I haven't listed such as...

#15 Stain and Seal the front door; Although I didn't actually do this one (Mike did, because I was pregnant at the time) it still counts though.

#16 Finish flannel baby blankets; Again, this one is slightly modified, because I didn't actually finish the baby blankets for the people that I had originally planned to give them to... I made a real, real cute blanket with all the flannel (that I bought for everybody else) for baby Tucy before she was born.

#28 Take Mom to lunch; We actually went to a movie and then to lunch, back in Janurary.

#47 Get a shower curtain that matches the color scheme of the house; I got a shower curtain that is white with purpley butterflies on it.

#62 Organize the kitchen cabinets and drawers; I did this about a year ago and it is getting to be messy again, I am starting to not find things again... oh well.

#95 Play Basketball; Shav got a basketball standard last year and I went over there a few times and played basketball with her, even if it was "around the world" and "horse" it still counts in my book.


tex said...

Sarah you ROCK!
I love it that you are doing your list!!!
It inspires me to write a list for the day... -baby steps for me!