HaPpy AnNivErsARy!

It was our 7 year Anniversary on Saturday. Mike and I did house/yard work all day that day and ended up taking Tucy with us to dinner. All in all it was sort of uneventful. We talked about it at dinner how having this kid has been such a change that we both don't quite know which end is up right now. We had intended to bring her to my Mom's to have her watch her while we went to dinner and a movie but the house/yard work took too long and we just ended up taking her with us. It was really fine. She slept the entire time we were there.

You see we blessed her yesterday and had to get the house and yard ready for all to invade on Sunday. The blessing went very well and Tucy looked beautiful. Here she is in her blessing dress (that I made, btw).So, next year we have decided that we are going to go away somewhere and leaving the little Bambino here with someone. Oh, Bambino... that reminds me. Mike is back from Mexico and he brought us some things... He brought me some Mexican Vanilla (YUMMY!) and he brought Tucy a baby sombrero! We took a picture of her wearing the sombrero yesterday as well... here she is in it, the little Bambino!She is our little squirt! The Sombrero is a little too big for her head, but she still looks dang cute in it!


tracifree said...

Oh Sarah, she is so beautiful! Something about babies in hats....we must have taken 7500 photos of Charlotte in hats. Play date?

Em said...

She is looking more and more Mike-like all the time! Sweet little daddy's girl. You did beautiful work on her blessing dress, I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to see her in real life!