What am I Missing?

Mike went out of town this weekend. He left Friday night, heading down south to do a canyon with some other people. He called me from Greenriver and said that he would call me once he reached his final destination Friday night. Saturday morning came and I didn't really think anything about the fact that he didn't call. I thought that he didn't have service or something. Later on Saturday afternoon I got a call from Mike saying that he was finished with his hike, but that he had some car trouble on his way down south and when he hit Moab, his car overheated and died. We ran through the scenarios and possibilities and determined that the best option would be for me to go and pick him up.

So, at 5:30pm Saturday afternoon I packed a bag, loaded Tucy up in the car and off we went to go pick Mike up down outside of Moab. I finally got outside of Moab at about 11:40pm Saturday night. Mike took Tucy out of her car seat and she arched her back and stretched for about 15 minutes. She was tired of being in her car seat. I was oh, so glad to get out of the city limits! Mike said when we were heading back home that I needed a "Tucy stretch" and I really did. I feel totally revitalized. So, on our way back up it dawned on me. I have missed doing canyons with Mike. He has all this stuff planned for this summer that I cannot participate in and I am a little jealous of it. I wanna go too! There are of course a couple things that need to happen before I can go along with him again. A) I need to be able to fit into my climbing harness again. 2) We need to be able to leave Tucy with someone overnight, and Z) I need to be able to handle the entire hike... from car to trail head, trail head through canyon and then from the end of the canyon back to the car. that is going to take some major exercising...

So, I have given myself a time frame. I have made a goal that I am going to get ready to be able to run "The Squeeze" with Mike by September of this year. I can't handle not doing canyons anymore. I loved it so, so much and was driven away by my own issues that have now been resolved, so there really isn't any reason for me not to go on trips anymore. Except for the Tucy factor, but I could get in 1 or 2 trips and not have it be THAT big of a deal... right?


tex said...


You do need to do the canyons now, Sarah~