It's the WEEKDEND!!!

Anyone got big plans?

Mike and I are meeting my brother and his wife down in Manti, UT tomorrow morning. Then we will be going into Ephraim to eat at Fat Jack's Pizzeria... ummm, yummy!

On Sunday, Mike's family is coming over for dinner and that is about it...

Oh, and Terri is going to come over tonight to hang out with me and maybe trim my hair.

Fun, fun, fun... I hope I feel okay this weekend, lots to do, so I better not feel lousy!

Swimming Fun, Fun, Fun...

Mike and I have been talking about getting a swimming pool in our back yard, as many of you already know. Well I couldn't wait for the digging and filling and everything else that goes into installing a pool (besides the cost). So, I went to Wally World and bought an inflatable pool to tide us over until we can have a permanent one put in.

Traci and I started setting the pool up late Sunday night. It took us "less than 15 minutes" to set up! I didn't start to really fill it until Monday morning at about 9am. It took about 3 and a half hours to fill completely. The pool is about 12 ft wide and 3 ft deep. Its more like a wading pool rather than a swimming pool, but it is fun to play in nonetheless. Terri and Aaron (my sister and brother) came over with their kids and we all played in the pool. It wasn't quite as hot on Monday as it had been earlier in the week and the water was co-old!

We just waited until our legs were numb and then it didn't bother us anymore. The good thing about this pool is that you can keep it up or take it down, whenever you feel the need to swim. I think we probably will take it down and then put it back up before we have our next party. Should be lots of fun though! I love swimming and I especially love to cool off on HOT, hot days in July!

I no feel Good!

So, I threw up today! YAY!!! I love to feel this way! It's awesome!

Will I ever feel better, it's doubtful.

But, this is a bright side... I can drink Ginger Ale all I want!

Soccer Anyone?

I went to my very first ReAL Soccer game on Saturday night. We have a friend (Logan) who works for the team and he hooked us up with some sweet tickets! So, I have to say that I did indeed get bit by the REaL bug on Saturday. It was exciting, even though I know absolutely nothing about soccer, to sit there and watch the game. Very Exciting!

We were about 20 rows up on the west side of the field. They were good seats. Mike went down to the front row for the last 15 minutes of the game with Ethan and watched from there. I have to say... Soccer is really fun to watch! Much like playing a round of golf, it's fun to do or watch live, but I still wouldn't ever watch it on telelvision.

So, Logan is going to hook me up with a jersey and we just might go the the Madrid ReAL game too. We are thinking about it. I don't care if David Beckham plays or not... I wanna see Posh Spice!

Feed A Cow~

So, I was driving home yesterday and it was raining (first time it has rained on my birthday in I can't remember how long) anyway, there was a car in front of me that had a sticker on their bumper that looked like this...

I was staring at this sticker thinking to myself... Well, that is a pink cancer ribbon sticker, but WHY does it say Feed A Cow? Feed A Cow.. Feed A Cow...Feed A Cow... OHHHHH...

It say's Find A Cure!!!

Man Oh Man do I need glasses!


Is it dumb that I am putting up a post about it being my birthday today? The truth is that I couldn't think of anything else to write about and then I thought... how lame would that be that I don't post anything on my Birthday?!?!? So, I am posting this, because I say Happy Birthday to everyone else (well, except Traci, my sister), so why not ME?!?!

You may all wish me a Happy Birthday now! Everyone except Terri and Aaron and Traci and Mikey and Traci H. and, and, and...

You get it... HAPPY HAPPY to ME!

Oh, and Traci and Emily, you are right... 28 isn't such a lonely age afterall... I had to experience it for myself to know for sure though.

Those toenails are so pretty!

So, I don't think that I am cut out for aunt-hood, let alone parenthood. I watched my brother’s kids tonight and I think I am in official trouble. Here's what we did...

Ate Pizza
Watched Cinderella
Sang Karaoke
Crawled around on the floor like tigers
Lit off a fire work (that I didn't know was a flyer... it was given to me, and incidentally flew in the air scaring the CRAP out of my little niece who is so adorable and fragile) This is us, right before that firework went off... notice the look on my face and the baby that I am holding is crying.

Oh, it just gets better, people.

Played the piano
...And this is the part that will get me ousted from being the Aunt that watches ANY of the neices and nephews anymore...

Painted my nephew’s toenails and fingernails... toenails were blue and fingernails were red.

He asked me to do it... I said yes, I painted them I take the blame!

You have to know these kids, they are the most adorable things you have ever seen (and I am not just saying that because we are related) they are sooooo incredibly cute. And, because they are so cute, it's very difficult to say no to them. He asked me holding the nail polish in his hand... "Aunt Sawah... will you put this color on my toes?" C'mon, people! How could I resist...? And its just NAIL polish!!! It isn't like I put permanent eyeliner on him.

Anyway, I am sure that my brother is going to call me in the morning and share some words with me about this... we'll see if I get asked to watch the kids again. I had fun anyway...

Post #...100, how 'bout that!

This is monumental! This is my 100th post!

I can't believe I have posted about nothing 100 times! It's craziness!

Speaking of nothing, Mike and I went on a walk around our neighborhood last night about 7:30 or so and I was so blisteringly hot! I was sweating every time we stopped! It was embarrassing talking with our different neighbors and having my to wipe my forehead or cheeks every couple of minutes, because it was obvious that I was sweating. I don't know why on earth I was so incredibly hot! Probably had something to do with me taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I woke up and felt hot, then we went on our walk and I just got more hot. When we got back home I had to take a cold shower to cool myself off and at that moment I told Mike... THAT's it! We are getting a pool! It would have been so nice to just jump in the pool instead of take a shower. I doubt that we will actually get a pool, but the idea is divine!

Anyway, 100 posts about nothing... RIGHT ON!!!

Happy Birthday!

Emily... I don't know if you are checking my blog, but I don't really have any other way to get ahold of you... so, HAPPY, HAPPY!

28 is a lonely age.

luvs, ME~**

L-I-S-T.. Goooo List!

#56 ~ Shoot a Bow and Arrow...

And I have the bruises to prove it. I went to an archery range and shot the crap out of a target... but, because my arm is a little double jointed making it bow out... the string from the bow whacked the CRAP me and I now have bruises up and down my forearm. Needless to say I didn't have it in me to shoot up the styrofoam bears on the main range... but, one of my girls had my back and got a bear square in the heart... just for me.

Complex... here today, gone tomorrow

I have 20/40 vision, which I guess isn't bad. The Dr. said that I am still legal to drive, but if I got glasses it would just eliminate my left eye making up for my right all the time. It was weird, he had me read my drivers license form and then he put the optical thingy in front of me so I could read through that and I could literally feel the difference. It was a slight difference, but a difference nonetheless.

I think I am going to get the glasses, just because it will help me when I am sitting in front of the computer all day long and he said that it would help me drive... like when it's dark and rainy outside. Oh, and I have a stigmatism... which means that I have a hard time seeing real close up and real far away. I notice it with reading mostly, like road signs and things like that.

So, there you have it. I guess I will be four eyes after all. My superiority complex about people with glasses was shattered yesterday. Go figure.

Evil Glass Mongers!

So, I have to renew my driver’s license before my birthday this year or I will be an illegal driver. I was filling out the form this morning and it says on the back that I need to either go to an eye Dr. to have my eyes checked or go into the DMV...? WT?!?! Why did they send me an "easy renewal" if it isn't so easy? The point of an easy renewal is to avoid the hassle of venturing into the DMV. Now, I have to either go to the eye Dr. or go to the DMV... which I wanted to avoid at all costs... who likes the DMV? Nobody, that’s who.

I guess it would be alright if it didn't mean the inevitable doom... Do I really need glasses? I know that I need them. I know that I have a hard time reading signs, etc while I am driving... but, why do I have to get them now? I want to be naive about my eyesight for as long as I can. It's true that I can see better out of my left eye than I can out of my right. It's true that I see really blurry after I close my eyes for about a minute or longer and then open them again. But, I don't want glasses!

Glasses mean nerd-ville. I am not nerd-ville. I am SARAH!!! I know that doesn't make sense. But, I have always felt a little too cool for glasses, there... I have said it. I have a superiority complex about myself compared to people that wear glasses. And, if I get glasses then that complex will be shattered! Mike said that I can make up my mind about what I want to do tonight... I either go into the DMV and try to suffer through their eye exam-thingy (which I had to be coaxed through the last time I renewed my license) or, I can go to the eye Dr. and get that dreaded pair of glasses that I have been trying to avoid for the past 27, almost 28 years.


I am...on a roll!

I am so glad that today is Friday. Not that I have anything spectacular planned for the weekend, I am just glad that I get 2 days off before I have to come back to work. I guess I shouldn't really say that... things are a whole heckuvalot better here at work... I weathered the storm and things are looking up!

Mike is going canyoneering this weekend, leaving tonight, and I am not going. Am I lame for not going? I don't feel that I am conditioned enough to go and frankly, I have freaked myself out about rappelling since I haven't done it for so long. I guess I should just get over myself and go... Chuck was trying to convince me to go last night, but I was firm with my NO to him. I guess I could always change my mind... but I doubt I will. I AM LAME!!! I think I have lost my adventurous side. I need to find it again... I think it might have been lost along with my abs... That is where my adventurous has been hiding... in my gut!

It's funny that everything for me is wrapped up in my outward appearance... I am ridiculously vain. If there is a mirror, I look into it. If there is someone who is remotely attractive, I compare myself to her. Or, even if she isn't remotely attractive I think to myself, at least I don't look like her. I am an AWFUL person! How did I turn into such a shallow person? Everyone says that I look just fine the way I am, but I don't agree... I don't think that I will ever agree until I am a size 4 on a size 8 frame.

Oh my life... who wants it? Like it's so bad, really. Look at me go, I could go on forever about myself... oh, wait - this is my blog, that is what it is intended for. I guess it doesn't really matter. If you don't like my statements, then you can stop reading at any time! I am on a roll today, aren't I?

Naughty Lyrics~

When Terri and I were little... George Michael's song I Want Your Sex came out and instead of singing the actual lyrics we would sing "I want your socks... I want your shoes." We thought we were so cleaver and sneaky. It makes me think of my little niece and how she sings lyrics for songs that she thinks belong but really don't. Even though Terri and I knew that the lyrics were I want your sex... we thought that it was naughty, so we altered the lyrics.

I love that word... naughty. It's a great word. There are so many different ways to decipher it, like you don't want your mom to say you are naughty because that means that you are in trouble, but if your husband says it... well, we won't go there. It's just a funny word. Much like for, four, fore... it's all about the inflection of the word. The english language is odd.

Anyway, back to George Michael... how many of you thought he was gay back in the day? I didn't... I LOVED him and still do, even if he is gay and untouchable. He is hunky and has an amazing voice! I heard the other day that WHAM is thinking about getting back together again... wouldn't that be something.

Madonna - Bedtime Stories and more...

I had someone tell me the other day that the Madonna - Bedtime Stories album really reminded them of me... I hadn't really ever thought of an album reminding me of someone. But, the more I thought about it the more I agree... There are albums that remind me of certain people.

Like for instance...
Depeche Mode - Ultra; reminds me of Mike
Wicked; reminds me of my sister Terri
Manhattan Transfer - Birdland; reminds me of my brother Greer
The Grease Soundtrack; reminds me of my sister Shauna

and so on and so on...

The other thing that triggers reminders for me are certain smells. Music and smells... whodda thunk it? Is there an album that reminds you of me... or someone else? If so, leave a comment... I'd be interested to see what memories are triggered by music for you.

Take A Moment...

Take a moment to enjoy where you are...

Take a moment to smell the roses...

Take a moment to listen to the birds chirping...

Take a moment to feel young...

Mike and I went up Big Cottonwood Canyon yesterday afternoon. We had lunch by the river and we were going to drive Guardsman’s pass, but it was raining pretty hard so, we decided to just drive to the summit instead. When we got up there it was down pouring... I suggested that we get out of the truck and dance in the rain. We were listening to Madonna's new song "Sorry" at the time. So, Mike cranked up the music and we both got out of the truck... We both stood in the rain and I twirled and twirled and danced and danced, we both got soaking wet in the rain. When was the last time you stood in the rain on purpose? I couldn't remember the last time I did that either. It was so much fun. I felt like I was 10 again, playing in the rain puddles. I suggest that everyone get out and dance in the rain the next time there is a downpour. Not only was it really fun, but my hair looked awesome later on that night because of the rain, it went all wavy. What a fun 4th of July I had yesterday.

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July!

We just got back home from lighting off about a gazillion fire works with some of our neighbors and are looking forward to continuing our celebration tomorrow night. I really think that the 4th of July has turned into an excuse to light crap on fire and hope that you don't ignite yourself in the process.Mike and I watched a documentary on George Washington this afternoon... boy, I forgot what our fore fathers went through for us. It makes me really appreciate the History Channel... because without that I probably wouldn't ever ponder about things pertaining to my country and the freedoms I have. I know that probably makes me sound like a simpleton, and maybe I am... but, there you have it. I am grateful that I live in this wonderful country and that I have the freedoms that I take for granted every day. I am also grateful for all the people that have fought and are still fighting for those freedoms. Thank you to all those that have and will fight for this beautiful country!

GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! My Home Sweet Home!


Go Camping in the Unitahs.

I did indeed cross something else off my list this weekend. I went camping in the Uintahs from Thursday until Saturday of last week. It was loads of fun, but I am glad to be back and showered.