Those toenails are so pretty!

So, I don't think that I am cut out for aunt-hood, let alone parenthood. I watched my brother’s kids tonight and I think I am in official trouble. Here's what we did...

Ate Pizza
Watched Cinderella
Sang Karaoke
Crawled around on the floor like tigers
Lit off a fire work (that I didn't know was a flyer... it was given to me, and incidentally flew in the air scaring the CRAP out of my little niece who is so adorable and fragile) This is us, right before that firework went off... notice the look on my face and the baby that I am holding is crying.

Oh, it just gets better, people.

Played the piano
...And this is the part that will get me ousted from being the Aunt that watches ANY of the neices and nephews anymore...

Painted my nephew’s toenails and fingernails... toenails were blue and fingernails were red.

He asked me to do it... I said yes, I painted them I take the blame!

You have to know these kids, they are the most adorable things you have ever seen (and I am not just saying that because we are related) they are sooooo incredibly cute. And, because they are so cute, it's very difficult to say no to them. He asked me holding the nail polish in his hand... "Aunt Sawah... will you put this color on my toes?" C'mon, people! How could I resist...? And its just NAIL polish!!! It isn't like I put permanent eyeliner on him.

Anyway, I am sure that my brother is going to call me in the morning and share some words with me about this... we'll see if I get asked to watch the kids again. I had fun anyway...


Terri said...

Dude. First off, go look at my blog.
Secondly, how could you resist little dude's cuteness that exudes from him? - I ask myself!

I think what must've been running thru Aaron's head was seeing his son gay or something... WHICH, by the way Aaron, painting one's nails, whether you're a boy or a girl, doesn't make one gay.

I think he looked simply RAVISHING!!!

Aaron said...

So when Nate woke up this morning he wanted "that stuff off his hands" he wouldn't even wash his hands or touch anything in the house with it on. He wanted it off and off right now. Kami took it off and things are a-o.k. now. Fewwwww! He's a man again!!!!!!!!!

Terri said...

GOOD! -we were worried.



Anonymous said...

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