It's the WEEKDEND!!!

Anyone got big plans?

Mike and I are meeting my brother and his wife down in Manti, UT tomorrow morning. Then we will be going into Ephraim to eat at Fat Jack's Pizzeria... ummm, yummy!

On Sunday, Mike's family is coming over for dinner and that is about it...

Oh, and Terri is going to come over tonight to hang out with me and maybe trim my hair.

Fun, fun, fun... I hope I feel okay this weekend, lots to do, so I better not feel lousy!


Terri said...

Well, You look mahvelous!!!!
Simply mahvelous! Even if ya feel like total CRAP.
-And your hair aint so bad either.

TibKat said...

Jim and I are hanging low this weekend... and for possibly our remaining weekends - with our budget and all! ;)