Evil Glass Mongers!

So, I have to renew my driver’s license before my birthday this year or I will be an illegal driver. I was filling out the form this morning and it says on the back that I need to either go to an eye Dr. to have my eyes checked or go into the DMV...? WT?!?! Why did they send me an "easy renewal" if it isn't so easy? The point of an easy renewal is to avoid the hassle of venturing into the DMV. Now, I have to either go to the eye Dr. or go to the DMV... which I wanted to avoid at all costs... who likes the DMV? Nobody, that’s who.

I guess it would be alright if it didn't mean the inevitable doom... Do I really need glasses? I know that I need them. I know that I have a hard time reading signs, etc while I am driving... but, why do I have to get them now? I want to be naive about my eyesight for as long as I can. It's true that I can see better out of my left eye than I can out of my right. It's true that I see really blurry after I close my eyes for about a minute or longer and then open them again. But, I don't want glasses!

Glasses mean nerd-ville. I am not nerd-ville. I am SARAH!!! I know that doesn't make sense. But, I have always felt a little too cool for glasses, there... I have said it. I have a superiority complex about myself compared to people that wear glasses. And, if I get glasses then that complex will be shattered! Mike said that I can make up my mind about what I want to do tonight... I either go into the DMV and try to suffer through their eye exam-thingy (which I had to be coaxed through the last time I renewed my license) or, I can go to the eye Dr. and get that dreaded pair of glasses that I have been trying to avoid for the past 27, almost 28 years.



tracifree said...

Sar - I wore glasses for years and years. The ability to see clearly is more valuable than looks any day of the week. But I know who I'm talking to here, so I'll try a different approach. My husband found my glasses very sexy. In fact, I still have my frames, just for him. Maybe Mike will feel the same....

Terri said...

I know how you feel, little S. Remember when I had to get ggglasses... in TN, cause I couldn't see well enough to do my job? Ya know, it's not THAT big a dealio, sis. They're just glasses. Glasses are for coo people, like me... and now YOU TOO!!!
At least they didn't say you didn't look pretty.-cause we all know that's what's a buggin' bout the glasses... Yes, you will still be pretty, and SMART lookin' too.

Anonymous said...

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