Fred and Me

I started a Ballroom class last week. We learned the Rumba. This week we learn the Cha-Cha-Cha and the Tango. I really like it so far. I do need to get some high heals that I can wear to dance in because tennis shoes just don't quite cut it. Hopefully one day I'll be as graceful as Ginger Rodgers and be able to float over the dance floor... probably not. But, its something to hope for, right?

So, next Saturday I am starting a beginning Cha-Cha-Cha class and after this level 1 ballroom class is finished than I'll be starting the level 2 class. Mikey is all behind me with this because its something that I'm so excited about doing. I love ballroom and I've wanted to take a class now for, well our entire marriage.

Yearbook Yourself

Me... Circa 1996... I think I look better in this picture than I actually did back then. Yearbook yourself here. Then post a comment in my comments so I can see who did it and what you looked like. Its super fun, I promise!

In Honor...

I know that this makes me an Uber-Dork, but I just finished the final addition to the Twilight series yesterday. So, I saw this background and decided that it was appropriate to change for that reason alone. Now, I know that chess pieces have nothing to do with summer and they don't ever match the cute pictures that I have at the top of the page, but I don't care.

Its over...

No more Twilight books. This makes me the biggest nerd and some of you would I am SURE stick their noses up at me for even reading them in the first place. But, when you have 30, 12-18 year-old girls telling you every week that you should read them... you eventually give in to that "peer" pressure and ask for the first one for Christmas. And, then because your baby is too young to really do anything except sleep and eat, you end up reading the first 3 books in just over a weeks time. And, once you're done with that, you think... I wonder how its gonna end?!?! So, you go out and buy the last book the day it comes out (not in a big rush like fashion like others, but in a leisurely way) go home that evening and stay up until 3AM reading. You then pick at the rest of it (because of certain husbands coming home and certain daughters needing to be fed you can't sit and read it straight through) for the next 4 days and finally finish it yesterday.

I'm not going to go into my thoughts about it. I'll give everyone a chance to come to their own conclusions... But, I will say that it KILLED me that I couldn't read and read and read and read until it was done. That is all I'm gonna say about it.