Soccer err, I mean Futbol

I went to the Real game tonight with my hubby. There was an extra ticket that I took from one of his friends that couldn't make it to the game. You see my hubby has a season ticket right behind the team on the front row... this was the first time that I had gone to a game with him since he has had said ticket. It was really fun, I had a great time. The greatest part about it was all the heckling and swearing from the fans in the section that he sits in.

I couldn't believe how crazy crazed these guys got at the game... whodda thunk that soccer could be all that intense, but I guess it can be. I kept laughing out of, I guess shock, about how completely insane some of these people would become for a bad call from the officials. I mean, its just soccer! Now that I have said that I see how lame my last statement actually was and just how "American" I truly am. We Americans don't really, REALLY care about Soccer. Some of us claim to be "fans" of it, but in reality, we aren't. Most of the people that get into Soccer here do it because no one else is and the season tickets are cheap.

That or they came to the United States from somewhere else i.e. The World. I believe that the fans that are crazies that were born in America and go nutso at these games do it for three reasons... 1- It gives them an opportunity to scream profanities and demeaning sexual statements at an "official" where the end result isn't being an unemployed loser with a multi-million dollar sexual harassment lawsuit up their a$$. 2- Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get a free shirt or ball or even maybe a jersey (if you're really lucky). 3- They have hot dogs and popcorn, duh!

Big-Gulp Anyone?

Driving in our car we stopped at 7-11. Michael got us both Big-Gulps. He put his in the back cup holder and I put mine in the front cup holder. About 2 minutes later he took a drink from my Big-Gulp in the front cup holder.

Me: That ones mine.
Him: Oh, well lets trade spots then because its easier for me to grab the front one while I'm driving.
(We place Big-Gulps into their new designated cup holders)
Me: Its okay, we exchange bodily functions all the time.
Him: Fluids.
Me: Oh (turning bright red in the face) that's what I meant, fluids.
Him: I would hope that we wouldn't exchange bodily functions ever!

About a minute later I grab for his drink thinking that its mine in the front cup holder. Its a vicious cycle I tell you!

Inspirational Sunday

So, I went to church this morning and there was a nice young man that spoke. He is leaving to go on a mission to Sweden Wednesday, so this was the last time that he was going to address our congregation for 2 years. I was taken aback by this young man and the talk that he gave. It was well thought out. It had a beginning, middle, and end. His talk really hit me and it wasn't just because he knew how to structure it. He actually had some important things to say and they affected me and I haven't been affected by a meeting since Tucy was blessed.

He had 4 things that he talked about that will bring us closer to our Heavenly Father:
1- Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts Unceasingly
I have always labored with this, because I can let my mind run wild. It is a real challenge to control your thoughts. Over the last couple of years I have become a bit better at it, but I still find myself lost aimlessly in my thoughts from time to time.
2- Scripture Study
This has been a huge deal for me, to read my scriptures every day. I pick them up, if I'm lucky, once a week. This is truly something that I need to work on more diligently.
3- Daily Prayer
We say our morning and nightly prayers together as a family. We have been really good about that, but my individual prayers are really suffering. I have always struggled with the communicado between me and the "Powers that Be".
4- Paying an Honest Tithe
Now, this is something that Michael and I have been talking a lot about lately, because it is the one thing that we do 100% with out any error. We have complete control over it and we make a conscience effort to make sure that it is the first thing that we take care of every month.

Okay, so I can honestly say that I have been true to 1 out of the 4. That's not to say that once I pray, or study, or think something good once that I have been true to that as well. Hearing this young man talk about these things today just made me realize how much I need to actively do these things all the time. To "draw closer to Thee" is a constant journey. We never stop on the road of life. We are either traveling forward or backward. Forward through progressing and trying to better ourselves everyday. Backward by not doing the things that help us progress, because if we stop doing the things that we need to do in order to progress and the ones around us are... they are passing us by and therefore we are farther behind than we were when we stopped in the first place.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but I just had to make a note of this talk and some of the thoughts that I have had since having the privilege of hearing it.

Changing Like the Fall Leaves

I decided to shake things up a bit by transforming my template to reflect the weather changing right before my very eyes.

Fall has arrived whether I am ready for it or not, its here.

The temperature is cooling down and everything is looking more orange and red with each passing day.

That means that Halloween is right around the corner and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. This is Tucy's first Christmas (and Halloween... and Thanksgiving), how crazy is that!

Anyway, I hope you like my template transformation... and if you don't, I don't really care because I think its just swell.

She is Growing up so Fast

Tucy is just about sitting up on her own. She sits in the "tripod" position. She is rolling over like a pro and is inventing new noises every couple of days. She is getting so big I can't believe it! I put her in 6-12 month jeans the other day with an actual tee-shirt. This is huge, because she has been wearing onsies and elastic waist pants. I am having a hard time remembering just how little she used to be and that was only 6 1/2 months ago.

I took her to her 6 month check up about a week and a half ago and she was 14 lbs. 10 oz. and 25 inches long. She is just growing so fast it makes me a little sad, but happy too because she is growing so well. The Dr. said that she is growing like a normal 6 month old and she is developing the same. I guess that the preemie thing isn't a factor anymore, which makes me happy. I never wanted that to be something that she could use as a crutch... or I should say, that we could.

About once a day when I look at her I think to myself, "I can't believe that she is my little girl". It's really incredible how having her has truly changed everything for me and Mike. I knew things would change, but didn't think that it would be quite as hard as it has been. Like the working thing, I thought that it would be a breeze not working and just being mom at home. But, it has been quite difficult to find my groove here at home. I love spending time here with her and seeing everything progress step by step, but at the same time I miss working.

I especially miss the paycheck, duh! I will think that I have it all figured out and then I lose motivation again and am all of the sudden at step one again. This last week I finally cleaned my entire house (laundry and all) and can just maintain it. It relieves so much stress to just have to straighten up instead of blitz the house every time someone announces that they want to come by.

I haven't ever been a very good housekeeper, but staying at home has put this new responsibility on my shoulders... I am in charge of keeping up the house! Mike is working all day and my work is what?!?! You mean I am in charge of making sure that the house stays presentable?!?! I didn't sign up for this. Well, maybe I did... I can't remember... I was drugged at the time... I was on the moon, with Steve!

An Office Addict...

I am completely addicted to "The Office". Its sad really. Mike and I had caught a few episodes here and there, but then we got a DVR and started recording them and OMGoodness! It is so incredibly funny! We bought all three seasons, watched them all in a weeks time, and are anticipating the season 4 premiere. I told Mike that if I can't work in an office then I can watch about working in one. He agreed, and then laughed.

I am SUCH a nerd I know. Well, with Battlestar not starting up again until January, this clearly is a good alternative. Speaking of Battlestar they have a mini-movie that is going to be on Nov, 24th which is my Mom's birthday. Maybe we'll have a Battlestar birthday party for her, dunno if she'll want that, but its an idea.