Soccer err, I mean Futbol

I went to the Real game tonight with my hubby. There was an extra ticket that I took from one of his friends that couldn't make it to the game. You see my hubby has a season ticket right behind the team on the front row... this was the first time that I had gone to a game with him since he has had said ticket. It was really fun, I had a great time. The greatest part about it was all the heckling and swearing from the fans in the section that he sits in.

I couldn't believe how crazy crazed these guys got at the game... whodda thunk that soccer could be all that intense, but I guess it can be. I kept laughing out of, I guess shock, about how completely insane some of these people would become for a bad call from the officials. I mean, its just soccer! Now that I have said that I see how lame my last statement actually was and just how "American" I truly am. We Americans don't really, REALLY care about Soccer. Some of us claim to be "fans" of it, but in reality, we aren't. Most of the people that get into Soccer here do it because no one else is and the season tickets are cheap.

That or they came to the United States from somewhere else i.e. The World. I believe that the fans that are crazies that were born in America and go nutso at these games do it for three reasons... 1- It gives them an opportunity to scream profanities and demeaning sexual statements at an "official" where the end result isn't being an unemployed loser with a multi-million dollar sexual harassment lawsuit up their a$$. 2- Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get a free shirt or ball or even maybe a jersey (if you're really lucky). 3- They have hot dogs and popcorn, duh!


Terri said...

REAL is probably nothing compared to some of the Jazz games I've been to with Ron. Man alive, there are some people there that would put Andrew Dice Clay to shame... But, I am with you- I like the popcorn and the hotdogs the best! It can be quite fun to join 'em sometimes, too. F'in REFS!!!