One of the little boys that lives on my street just came over holding one of the tiniest water balloons I have ever seen in his hand. He is about 5 years old or so... He rang the door bell and I answered the door. Our conversation was as follows:

Him (mumbling): I am selling this water balloon because I am so poor.
Me: Wha... What?!?!
Him: Would you like to buy a water balloon?
Me: Umm... How much are you selling it for?
Him: Well... Ten Bucks!
Me: Sorry.

and I closed the door.

Aren't little boys soooo cute?!?!

The 28 Countdown

Duhn, Duhn, Duuuhnnnn!

I turn 29 on Thursday... Pretty crazy. I don't really know what else to say about it except that I think turning 29 is going to be harder than turning 27.

But, I have been told that 29 is hard because you are preparing yourself to turn 30, so when 30 approaches and then arrives... it ain't so bad!

Playing Catch Up

Because I haven't posted anything in the last couple of weeks there is quite a bit to catch up on... Like for instance... Tucy rolled over for the first time on the 4th of July! She rolled from her belly to her back and I made her do it over and over 4 different times just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke, and it wasn't! She is also starting to sit up and is getting better at it every day. I can't believe how much she has grown over the last few weeks! She will never be this little again. It makes me sad.

We spent the 4th kind of being lazy in the morning then we went to lunch that afternoon, which was excellent. We then visited family and spent the evening up at my brothers watching fireworks from his backyard. Tucy was mesmerized with all the colors and finally fell asleep about halfway through the show. I got a couple mosquito bites while I was sitting in a camping chair in my brothers back yard, but other than that... it was a pretty fun 4th.

I took a picture of this little humming bird nest in our front yard, because the Sunday before last, Mike was walking out to the car and he almost stepped right on the tiniest of humming birds that was laying on our walkway, leading to our front door. I called Megs (because she is my "on staff" vet, so to speak) and she told us to try and put the bird back in the nest if we could. We located the nest and Mike used a latter and a leather glove to lift the baby back up into her nest. She cried and cried all the way up and soiled all over herself and Mike's glove... but she made it back safely. There was another little baby in the nest already and once the fallen baby was back next to her sibling, she quieted down immediately. And the good news is... The mother is still feeding both of her little babies. Yay! Now we check on the birds once a day to see how they are growing and if and when they will leave the nest. It hasn't happened yet, but I assume it will be fairly soon.

So, I guess that I didn't have that much to catch up on... it seemed like a lot more in my head.