Dreamy Sleepy

So I have been having some majorly weird dreams lately. This dream was with me, Mike, Chuck, Justin, and some girl named Kate that I haven't ever even seen before in my life. We were all going down to Southern Utah to do a canyon and when we got there I realized that my pack with all my gear hadn't been included in the gear that was brought down. So, I opted to not go down the canyon. Mike was in complete agreement, wanting me to be safe rather than go and risk the possibly getting hurt. There were a few other guys that were parked just off from where we were that were going to be going down this canyon as well. None of us thought anything of it. They all left to go on their trip and I stayed behind.

The next thing I remember is that Ethan was there with me and we had somehow figured out that the men that went down the canyon before Mike and the others were bad men and had done some bad things. They were driving lots of white SUVs, like a 4-runner, H2 among other cars. Something went wrong with the 4-runner that they were driving and they needed another 4-runner. Well, it just so happens that we had brought down our 4-runner and I had the key in my pocket. Ethan and I had figured out that these bad guys knew that I had said key in my pocket and wanted to get it from me so that they could take our car.

All of the sudden Ethan and I were running from these bad guys and we ended up on a stage. Us both being theater people know our way around a theater and we decided that we could out smart the bad guys on our turf. So we were running on the catwalks above the stage, back behind the stage, in the costume department, all over the theater... And then I woke up. Weirdest dream ever! Then I had another dream last night where Ethan and I were fighting crime, but I can't remember the details of that one. Odd that I am now a crime fighter in my dreams that that Ethan is my sidekick! Go figure!

Easy Parody...

Last night Mike and I watched "Easy Rider". I hadn't ever seen this film before and realized right out of the gate that it was parodied in "Starsky and Hutch"... Here is the comparison.

Easy Rider

Starsky and Hutch
I laughed for the first 10 minutes of the movie, because I kept seeing Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson instead of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

Very Funny!

Online Movie Ordering

Mike and I are going to be trying out Blockbuster online for the next 30 days. I went into the account this morning and saw that he has already placed 65 movies in the queue. He said that I could go in and pick whichever movies I wanted to add to and re-arrange the list however I would like. But, how are we supposed to watch 65 movies in 30 days? We were planning on doing a shoot out between Blockbuster and Netflix. Try Blockbuster for 30 days then try Netflix and see which one we like better. So, why would I add more to the list of 65 when we are just going to be canceling it in 30 days anyway to try out Netflix? My next question here is... who is subscribing to either of these and which do you prefer? Mike talked to Ethan about it and he is a big supporter of Netflix. I talked to Traci (my sister) yesterday and she said that she and Jim subscribe to Blockbuster... But, which is better? This might be a rhetorical rather than actual question, depending on how many people add their comments.

Battlestar is back Again!

We got this issue of SciFi trade magazine yesterday and what was the first thing I did???... I read the article about season 3 of Battlestar, of course!

The article doesn't spoil anything really for the new season. It gives you a little glimpse about where they are going, but doesn't give too much away. It does say that there will be some characters that we all know and love that will be killed. I hope that they handle it much in the same way that Six Feet Under did when they killed off Nate. That was such a shock! Everyone hoped that they wouldn't do it, but once it happened we weren't all that surprised.

I hope that they kill off someone that will be that bitter sweet! I am not going to say anything more about the article itself because I know that some of you (Shav) haven't seen all of season 2 yet. I will say though that the article got me PUMPED for the new season, which premieres in October.

Real Pirates... sort of

The Pirates of Penzance has been playing on HBO this month. I have watched it all the way through only once. I love this musical! Its a musical that my entire family enjoyed together when we were but youth's...

I always wanted to be Mabel (played by Linda Ronstadt) she was so beautiful and had such a high soprano voice. Now that I watched it again I don't think that I would want to be Mabel, I would be much more happy being one of the sisters.

Kevin Kline though, is the BEST pirate king anyone could ask for. He is perfectly cast. His performace is outstanding. I just love this show. It brings back a flood of memories and makes me wanna be a kid again gathered around our television watching this as a family.

working / routine

I used to have some what of a routine. I would get up in the morning, take a shower, get ready, go to work, come home, make dinner, read or watch tv, go to bed and repeat. My routine has been shot to H-E-double hockey sticks! How do I get a routine back again? It is so hard for me to get anything done. My house is a shambles most of the time lately and Mike has been sweet enough to do most of the house work, but he is really busy too.

I haven't ever been a real routine type of person. But, this is just ridiculous! I swear that I am going to get fired from my job. I can't seem to get here before 10am and thats on the days that I make it in anymore. I have been missing at least 1 day of work each week. I don't have the sick leave or vacation to cover the time that I have been gone. But, what can you do? I can't help that I can barely move some days. People don't seem to understand at my work, but I have been trying to do my best when I am here to make up for it.

I don't know if it is helping. I have a hard time concentrating and I can't remember anything for the life of me lately. I don't know how people do this! I just read a note on my boss' time sheet that he is concerned with the mistakes that I keep making. The reason I read it is because I am in charge of everyone's time sheets and print them off every pay period. I read all of them, including his. So, I wasn't snooping, it's part of my job.

Anyway, the wo's of me! My life... who wants it?

I have nothing to say...

Just don't forget that I am here and will have something to talk about sooner or later.


A little bit about Nothing!

I guess Monday's are my day to update you all on the events that go on in my life. Lets see here... My sister is getting back surgery some time this week... OUCH! Mike's business is rolling along. I rented some movies this last week and watched them, well most of them. I watched The Inside Man with my brother Aaron and I watched Brick with Michael. I also rented V for Vendetta, but fell asleep in the first 20 minutes. I need to re-watch it.

Let's see here, I go back to the Dr. tomorrow and they will give me more information on my status then. Can't say much until I talk to them again, but I will say that all has been going fine with me, except I have been sicker than a dog! I want this sickness to just GO AWAY!!! I am tired of it! I watched all 6 parts of the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice with Shauna on Friday. That was SWEET! I love that series, I could watch it over and over and never get tired of it.

Aaron and Kami came over on Saturday with their kids and they swam in the pool. Those kids are the cutest in the whole world! I went to church yesterday and made it through all 3 meetings, yay me! I was thoroughly exhausted afterward and took a nap for an hour when I got back home. Other than these few tid-bits nothing really has been happening. I am writing about nothing, because I don't really have anything of significance to say right now, so, this is all that you get.

Oh, and Traci... please don't think that I forgot about you! I did get your message but have been under the over the weather so much that I wasn't feeling that splendiferous to call you back! I did think about you and am planning on calling you today! Thanks for calling and checking up on me, btw.

Groomers... Beware

We got our cat a hair cut last week. Bebe Cat is a long haired, black, prissy little thing that hates just about everyone (except Mike and me). We take her in about once a year to have this blessed event take place, and in order for her to have her hair cut she needs to be tranquilized. The groomers refuse to work with her any other way. We brought her to one groomer and she did fine until the groomer went around to her underside. The cat bit through the muzzle she had on and beat the CRAP out of the poor groomer hands and fore arms. Needless to say, we never brought her back to that groomer again, for obvious reasons.

When we took her into the vet the following year to get the tranq's, there was a lady that was working behind the desk that insisted she could groom fair Bebe cat without a tranq. We thought, why not try it? This woman claims to be "the cat whisperer" so we tried her out. Same story, different location. Only this time, the cat bit the groomer so hard, she broke the skin. So much for her claim of being able to tame any cat.

Next year, we took her to the groomer that is just down the street from our house and that groomer, being a smart one agreed with us when we insisted on having Bebe tranq'ed that it was best for all. I wasn't the one that picked up the cat, Mike was, but he told me that it was a sight to see, having her come out of that intoxicated state. I thought that it was funny when he told me the she fell off the bed, but didn't quite understand the gravity of the humor until last week when I went and picked her up for this year’s hair cut.

I brought her home and opened the cage... she stumbled out of the cage and wandered around the house, walking sideways mostly. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. She stumbled over to me and put her front paws up on the couch. She tried to have her back paws follow, but ended up falling completely backwards and landing flat on her back with all four paws up in the air. She just sat there with all of her paws towards the ceiling, meowing at me to please, please help her! I was laughing so hard I could hardly lift her up. It took her until the next morning to return to normal. And now she has a perfect lions cut with hip boots, the lions mane and the little poof at the end of the tail... just like a lion.

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz...

I have been trying all that I can to not feel sick... Mike went and bought me some Pepto (I know, gross) this morning and it actually made me feel worse. I have been trying to just chuck my cookies to see if I can feel better after that, but that didn't even work. I sat with my head voluntarily over the toilet for about 3 minutes and... nothing. I just downed some alka-seltzer about 5 minutes ago and hope that that either bubbles the sickness over the top, or calms my little tummy down once and for all. We'll have to wait and see.


Have you ever thought of what an incredible invention the telephone is? Could you imagine not having phones? I couldn't, I would be completely handicapped if I didn't have my cell phone with me every second of every day. I am glad for modern inventions and I am glad that I am fortunate enough to live in this time where I can enjoy them.

I talked to my sister on the phone last night for 106:34 minutes. Right before we hung up I asked how long she thought that we had been talking... she looked on her phone and it said 49:00 min, but when I hung up the time on my phone said 106:34 min.
Oh, how time flies talking about nothing to your sister. It made me realize that I don't sit and gab with my sisters nearly enough. Don't get me wrong, we are all talkers and all love hear ourselves talk. But, I don't remember the last time I talked to any of my sisters on the phone for longer than 15 minutes.

It was nice... I am sure that part of the reason is because her husband is out of town and my husband was at work late. If either of them had been home, I doubt the conversation would have been that long. Anyway, I don't know why I thought to post about this, other than I didn't have anything else to post about, so why not?