Groomers... Beware

We got our cat a hair cut last week. Bebe Cat is a long haired, black, prissy little thing that hates just about everyone (except Mike and me). We take her in about once a year to have this blessed event take place, and in order for her to have her hair cut she needs to be tranquilized. The groomers refuse to work with her any other way. We brought her to one groomer and she did fine until the groomer went around to her underside. The cat bit through the muzzle she had on and beat the CRAP out of the poor groomer hands and fore arms. Needless to say, we never brought her back to that groomer again, for obvious reasons.

When we took her into the vet the following year to get the tranq's, there was a lady that was working behind the desk that insisted she could groom fair Bebe cat without a tranq. We thought, why not try it? This woman claims to be "the cat whisperer" so we tried her out. Same story, different location. Only this time, the cat bit the groomer so hard, she broke the skin. So much for her claim of being able to tame any cat.

Next year, we took her to the groomer that is just down the street from our house and that groomer, being a smart one agreed with us when we insisted on having Bebe tranq'ed that it was best for all. I wasn't the one that picked up the cat, Mike was, but he told me that it was a sight to see, having her come out of that intoxicated state. I thought that it was funny when he told me the she fell off the bed, but didn't quite understand the gravity of the humor until last week when I went and picked her up for this year’s hair cut.

I brought her home and opened the cage... she stumbled out of the cage and wandered around the house, walking sideways mostly. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch. She stumbled over to me and put her front paws up on the couch. She tried to have her back paws follow, but ended up falling completely backwards and landing flat on her back with all four paws up in the air. She just sat there with all of her paws towards the ceiling, meowing at me to please, please help her! I was laughing so hard I could hardly lift her up. It took her until the next morning to return to normal. And now she has a perfect lions cut with hip boots, the lions mane and the little poof at the end of the tail... just like a lion.


tracifree said...

Drugged animals are funny! They should have a "funniest home video's" segment of just intoxicated animals.