Real Pirates... sort of

The Pirates of Penzance has been playing on HBO this month. I have watched it all the way through only once. I love this musical! Its a musical that my entire family enjoyed together when we were but youth's...

I always wanted to be Mabel (played by Linda Ronstadt) she was so beautiful and had such a high soprano voice. Now that I watched it again I don't think that I would want to be Mabel, I would be much more happy being one of the sisters.

Kevin Kline though, is the BEST pirate king anyone could ask for. He is perfectly cast. His performace is outstanding. I just love this show. It brings back a flood of memories and makes me wanna be a kid again gathered around our television watching this as a family.


Terri said...

Girls- "It's Maybelle. It's Maybelle!"
Maybelle- "It's MAAayyyaayayayayayayayayaayaaaaaaaabelle! For sisters, blah blah blah (never knew what the hell she said there)FOr SHAME! FOR SHAME! "

My favorite part is "Pooooor wond'ring one. Though thou(inaudible to me again), take heart, grace! "
I guess I never really knew the lyrics afterall. FOR SHAME!

I wish I had HBO. I'd be watching it EVERY time!