A little bit about Nothing!

I guess Monday's are my day to update you all on the events that go on in my life. Lets see here... My sister is getting back surgery some time this week... OUCH! Mike's business is rolling along. I rented some movies this last week and watched them, well most of them. I watched The Inside Man with my brother Aaron and I watched Brick with Michael. I also rented V for Vendetta, but fell asleep in the first 20 minutes. I need to re-watch it.

Let's see here, I go back to the Dr. tomorrow and they will give me more information on my status then. Can't say much until I talk to them again, but I will say that all has been going fine with me, except I have been sicker than a dog! I want this sickness to just GO AWAY!!! I am tired of it! I watched all 6 parts of the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice with Shauna on Friday. That was SWEET! I love that series, I could watch it over and over and never get tired of it.

Aaron and Kami came over on Saturday with their kids and they swam in the pool. Those kids are the cutest in the whole world! I went to church yesterday and made it through all 3 meetings, yay me! I was thoroughly exhausted afterward and took a nap for an hour when I got back home. Other than these few tid-bits nothing really has been happening. I am writing about nothing, because I don't really have anything of significance to say right now, so, this is all that you get.

Oh, and Traci... please don't think that I forgot about you! I did get your message but have been under the over the weather so much that I wasn't feeling that splendiferous to call you back! I did think about you and am planning on calling you today! Thanks for calling and checking up on me, btw.


tracifree said...

You are forgiven.