Dreamy Sleepy

So I have been having some majorly weird dreams lately. This dream was with me, Mike, Chuck, Justin, and some girl named Kate that I haven't ever even seen before in my life. We were all going down to Southern Utah to do a canyon and when we got there I realized that my pack with all my gear hadn't been included in the gear that was brought down. So, I opted to not go down the canyon. Mike was in complete agreement, wanting me to be safe rather than go and risk the possibly getting hurt. There were a few other guys that were parked just off from where we were that were going to be going down this canyon as well. None of us thought anything of it. They all left to go on their trip and I stayed behind.

The next thing I remember is that Ethan was there with me and we had somehow figured out that the men that went down the canyon before Mike and the others were bad men and had done some bad things. They were driving lots of white SUVs, like a 4-runner, H2 among other cars. Something went wrong with the 4-runner that they were driving and they needed another 4-runner. Well, it just so happens that we had brought down our 4-runner and I had the key in my pocket. Ethan and I had figured out that these bad guys knew that I had said key in my pocket and wanted to get it from me so that they could take our car.

All of the sudden Ethan and I were running from these bad guys and we ended up on a stage. Us both being theater people know our way around a theater and we decided that we could out smart the bad guys on our turf. So we were running on the catwalks above the stage, back behind the stage, in the costume department, all over the theater... And then I woke up. Weirdest dream ever! Then I had another dream last night where Ethan and I were fighting crime, but I can't remember the details of that one. Odd that I am now a crime fighter in my dreams that that Ethan is my sidekick! Go figure!


Travelocosity said...

Now that you're a crime fighter too, you definitely need a superhero name ... how about Super Sarooo and her sidekick, Underroo!

Terri said...

This is just ONE of MANY more weird dreams to come.
Funny that Ethan is in your dreams so much though.

Natania said...

I think you are going to start your own book series with these crime solving dreams!!!!!