Online Movie Ordering

Mike and I are going to be trying out Blockbuster online for the next 30 days. I went into the account this morning and saw that he has already placed 65 movies in the queue. He said that I could go in and pick whichever movies I wanted to add to and re-arrange the list however I would like. But, how are we supposed to watch 65 movies in 30 days? We were planning on doing a shoot out between Blockbuster and Netflix. Try Blockbuster for 30 days then try Netflix and see which one we like better. So, why would I add more to the list of 65 when we are just going to be canceling it in 30 days anyway to try out Netflix? My next question here is... who is subscribing to either of these and which do you prefer? Mike talked to Ethan about it and he is a big supporter of Netflix. I talked to Traci (my sister) yesterday and she said that she and Jim subscribe to Blockbuster... But, which is better? This might be a rhetorical rather than actual question, depending on how many people add their comments.


TibKat said...

We did Netflix for awhile... Blockbuster seemed to have some deal and that's why we switched. I think they are both pretty similar... just who is cheaper!

Travelocosity said...

Blockbuster gies you two free in store coupons a month for thse last minute renting dilemmas. =)