Phamily Photo Phun!

Tuce has wanted to look at this picture that we took yesterday just about nonstop. She keeps saying "Daddy" and I know that she wants to look at the picture again. So, I pull it up for her to look at... well, the last time I pulled it up we had this conversation:

Me: Lucy, who is that? (pointing to Michael)
Tucy: Daddy
Me: And, who is that? (pointing to me)
Tucy: Mommy
Me: And, Lucy... who is that? (pointing to her)
Tucy: Coat

Interview Me!

So, I asked Maeve to interview me from her blog. I was so excited to get the questions, but haven't taken the time to actually answer them... until now, so here goes.

1.) Your little girls name is Tucy, is that her full name. Its so original where did it come from and how did you come to choose it?

Actually her name is Lucy Ellen, but I just refer to her as Tucy on here. I started it right after she was born and it just kind of stuck. That is her official "web" name I guess. She is named after her two grandmothers, my mom's name is Lucy and Mike's mom's middle name is Ellen.

2.) I remember you and Mike always being very active. I especially remember a roller blade phase. Are you still that active? What is your favorite outdoor activity?

I used to be so active, but I haven't been as much over the last few years. When I got pregnant with Tuce I freaked myself out about doing anything physical because I was high risk. It's been kind of hard to get back into that mode. I'm not a very motivated person when it comes to exercise. But, this time around the almost 2 year old that I live with has forced me to be much more active. So, I'm hoping that it sticks after the little guy gets here, which I'm sure it will, because Tuce isn't going to slow down any time soon.

3.) You mentioned in your last post you are having another baby fox, a boy, congrats!! What is the most exciting thing about a baby and what are you dreading the most.

I'm mostly excited that we're having a boy! I never, ever thought that I'd feel that way, but I truly do. I just don't know what to do with one. I think that is the thing that I'm dreading most. But, then again I didn't know what to do with a baby, period, and I think I kinda figured that one out.

4.) You and Mike have been together for a long time. When did you first fall in love with him?

I had a huge crush on him from the time that I was like 15 or something ridiculous like that. I do remember the first time that he actually said "I love you" though. It was after a trip that he took back east and he was gone for 10 days (I think). Anyway, he called me as soon as he got out of the airport and had me meet him at his apartment. I guess he couldn't wait any longer to tell me. I loved him for a while before he said the words, but never said it to him. I guess I didn't want to be the "girl that said it first". However silly that is.

5.) And for the final question: If you could have any profession in the world, and money didn't matter, what would it be and why?

I would probably be a professional blogger. I love to blog about myself, my family, my friends, my everything. I'm not as open as others out there, but I still love to do it. I think that it's the one thing that I have consistently gravitated back to and I can be fairly flighty with some things.

Thanks so much Maeve for the interview questions. I had fun answering them and hope that whoever reads this has had fun doing the same. Oh, and if you want me to interview you...

Here's the directions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Found out today...

We're having a BOY!

I kind of can't believe it! What am I going to do with a boy?! I think that I kind of have the girl thing down, but this boy stuff... I'm not sure.

Anyway, it's still exciting and Tuce will be glad to push around another kid whether it be a boy or a girl. I don't think she'll mind all that much.

Sitting After... Always Sitting

Here I sit with nothing to do but write on my blog that I've been neglecting for far too long. I underwent surgery on Friday which was a treat. I had to have what is called a "Cervical Cerclage" placed, because I am pregnant with the second Foxy Baby and this procedure is the only way to ensure that said baby will get here in a timely manner. I am not quite sure if I have talked about this procedure before, but this time was far worse than the last time. Now after I had this blessed procedure I came home and went straight to bed. The next day is the key to this event... I woke up on Saturday morning and felt as though I had been a trapeze artist for the entire surgical crew the day before. My entire upper body was stiff and sore and it has taken me until today to feel even somewhat better.

So, here I sit... Tucy is asleep for the second time today which I am eternally grateful for because I don't quite know what to do with her these days, and I can tell that she senses that there are major changes afoot. She didn't want to have anything to do with me this weekend, which was good for me because I couldn't really do much with her and was very glad that Mike was here to attend to her. It also makes me very glad that I have Mike and that he is so great to me and Tuce... it's nice to have him.