Two Hundred Posts**

This is my 200th Post!

How about that?!?!

I have my entire family invading my house on Christmas day. They are joining us for a spirited Christmas dinner. Last weekend I went over to my brothers house for a family party. It was the first time that my family had all been together in a confined building in years. About half way through the evening I became thoroughly overwhelmed (to say the least). I ended up being ridiculously sensitive to everything and everyone. So much so that I became irritated, pissy and overly snotty and made us leave as soon as we were finished opening gifts. We didn't even stay for dessert. Now, I get to subject myself to that torture yet again, but this time I can't leave... because its going to be here at my house! What was I thinking when I signed up for this, you ask? I'm not sure. I guess that my idea of a meaningful Christmas is to pile enormous amounts of stress on myself so that I can hardly breathe when the day arrives. Its just too bad that I don't drink, because if I did then I could just lose myself in peppermint schnapps. I hope that I can have pretty much everything in order before they get here on Tuesday so that I don't become the neurotic mess that I was last Sunday.

Cross my fingers that it goes off without a hitch.

YAY... #200!!!

Christmas Time is Here

I watched "Elf" the other day as I was putting up my tree. Well, actually my sister was putting up my tree and the lights and the decorations... come to think of it, I don't think that I did anything that day to help. What kind of Christmas spirit do I have?!?!

I feel a little off this Christmas season. Usually I am all about decorating and shopping and making treats, but this year has been a little slow to start. I was a baking fiend around Thanksgiving and then after it was over I kind of lost the interest. Maybe it was because I baked 2 pies, 1 tart and a cheese cake for Thanksgiving. Maybe I got a little "baked out". But, this is the time when I should be spreading Christmas cheer, right?

I am feeling a little under the weather this week. I have been fighting an irritating cold that myluv has had since Thanksgiving and I think it has finally hit me. I have been taking "Airborne" and it has really been helping. Its an immune boosting beverage. I fill a small juice glass with water and then drop in this tablet that makes the water fuzz and bubble and the water turns a greenish/yellowish color that tastes similar to "Tang". I try to drink it in 5 or 6 gulps, because if I sipped it, I'd never finish it.

So, my tree is up, but I am not happy with the decorations... again, this year is just a little off. I think that I need to take everything off it (except the lights) and start over. My mom said to me yesterday (right after her tree fell over) that her trees always look better the second time she decorates. Maybe this will work for me too. We also don't have any lights up on the house yet and its supposed to snow the entire weekend. Maybe this year we'll just stick with the wreath on the front door and call it good. Then again, maybe myluv will feel well enough tomorrow to hang some lights up on the house, maybe.

Its Lucy's first Christmas and I feel like I should be so excited and possibly even overzealous about her enjoying the season. Her Grandma bought her some snow pants and a coat that matches. We wanted to take her outside with the last snowfall to take picture of her in the snow for the very fist time, but didn't because we've both been sick. Maybe if there is enough snow this weekend then we can do it tomorrow or Sunday or something.

Maybe I am failing as a mother for the First Christmas... I wanted it to be magical and spectacular and all of those things that you see in the movies... but here I am, trying to not get more sick than I already am and Lucy is asleep in her bed.... I should be decorating the house so when she wakes up she will be in awe with all the decorations. But, really... I'll probably make myself a cup of cocoa and sip it until the feeling goes away.

Merry Christmas, everyone!