Two Hundred Posts**

This is my 200th Post!

How about that?!?!

I have my entire family invading my house on Christmas day. They are joining us for a spirited Christmas dinner. Last weekend I went over to my brothers house for a family party. It was the first time that my family had all been together in a confined building in years. About half way through the evening I became thoroughly overwhelmed (to say the least). I ended up being ridiculously sensitive to everything and everyone. So much so that I became irritated, pissy and overly snotty and made us leave as soon as we were finished opening gifts. We didn't even stay for dessert. Now, I get to subject myself to that torture yet again, but this time I can't leave... because its going to be here at my house! What was I thinking when I signed up for this, you ask? I'm not sure. I guess that my idea of a meaningful Christmas is to pile enormous amounts of stress on myself so that I can hardly breathe when the day arrives. Its just too bad that I don't drink, because if I did then I could just lose myself in peppermint schnapps. I hope that I can have pretty much everything in order before they get here on Tuesday so that I don't become the neurotic mess that I was last Sunday.

Cross my fingers that it goes off without a hitch.

YAY... #200!!!


Mle said...

Hang in there, Saroo! Keeping close to family is worth the strain (er... I hope). Merry Christmas!


Terri said...

You throw the bestest family parties... *