I just saw this cartoon this evening, had to blog about it because it is what I should have been for Halloween! If I had only been smart enough to think of it!

Pandora and her Music Box~

Today while I was at work I needed to do some filing. I hate, HATE to file, more than anything. When I got to work I pulled out my iPod to listen to and then quickly remembered that it was blank... no music, zip, zilch, nada... no music at all! I went over to one of the fella's that I work with and asked him very politely if he had some music on his iTunes and if so, if he would be so kind to put some on my iPod so I could have something to listen to while I did the most tedious of jobs, ever! Well, be both realized that he didn't have the proper cable and neither did I, so there was no way for my iPod to connect to his computer. bummer.

Before I walked away from his desk, he told me about this website called Pandora. He explained that it is a kind of online radio where you type in either an artist or a song that you really like and it makes a play list surrounding that artist or song. If a song comes on that you don't like you can tell it that you do not like the song and it will continue to refine that search until it creates the perfect play list... just for you! The coolest feature about this is that you don't have to download anything in order for it to run. You input your name, password, birth year and whether you are male or female, other than that there is nothing that is loaded on your computer or anything! That is a big feature for me, anyway.

So, to start out my search I typed in Ella Fitzgerald and it played Ella, Rosemary Clooney, Sarah Vaughn, June Christy, Dinah Washington and Nancy Wilson... just to name a few. I played that play list all day! There were some songs that I didn't care for and told it not to play that type of music anymore. I am listening to it right now and it is playing the perfect mix. I think that everyone should check this site out. It is superb Internet radio, if I don't say so myself... Check it out!

Hallows Eve!

Halloween is just days away...

I think I might be a Cheetah for the big day!

I need to put together the costume on Friday and Satruday and have Terri come over to put on the Cheetah makeup! I am trying to talk Mike into it too, but I don't think he is too keen on the idea! We'll see though, I might be able to sway him.

Yay for Halloween!

I really want to watch Young Frankenstein this weekend. What a hoot of a movie! I saw a trailer for Saw 3 last night on telelvision and thought to myself... I am so over scary movies. I have no desire to see that movie this year. Although, I have decided that there is a distinct difference between Devil movies and Monster movies. I will never see a Devil movie again. I probably will see a Monster movie though, just not this year.

Costume Dilema...

So, I have a couple Halloween parties that I have been invited to. One is tonight over at Chuck's and the other is next Saturday at my friend Carl's house.

I have kind of vowed that I wouldn't dress up this year, but now I think that everyone will look at me like a lame-o if I don't... so, what should I do?

I don't have much as far as costumes go, I would have to make something, but what?

And the wall comes tumbling down...

This last weekend Mike and my brother Aaron tore out the bar in our basement. We are going to use this space for our office area once the kid gets here... so we thought we would start getting ready for it now instead of after the blessed day comes.

Anyway, I got a little picture happy and decided to post my documentation of the wall (or in this case, bar) tumbling down.

I came in with the camera after they already had a good start.

The look from behind the bar after the guts were taken out.

Mike is taking out some pent up aggression. He said though that you didn't have to swing that sledge hammer very hard to make the brick crumble.

The side wall is down and being taken out to the side of the house.

Mike and Aaron both had a turn at the front of the wall.

It came down just as easily as the side did.

Hans and Frans... We're here to PUMP You UP!

Vioala! Just like that and it's cleared out. It took the boys about 2 hours total to take down the entire bar and bring everything outside to be thrown away. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon, if I don't say so myself.

Friday the 13th...

It's Friday the 13th in OCTOBER!!!

This is an extra spooky Friday the 13th, for sure!

My pumpkin caught on fire today... because it's Friday the 13th!

Uncharted Territory

As of today I have been pregnant for the longest amount of time, ever! 15 weeks and 5 days... Here is an ultrasound picture...I know that most of you don't care to see a fuzzy black and white picture of what is supposed to be a baby, but I don't care! This ultrasound picture is from a few weeks ago, but you still get the gist of what is there. It's a baby. YAHOO! I am now going to experience things that I haven't ever experienced before and I am so excited!

Dancing Through Life...

I am hooked to Dancing with the Stars... I have to watch it every Tuesday night.

I am totally pulling for Jerry Springer to take it all! I know... who would want Jerry Springer to win?!?!?

I would. He is hilarious!

Whooda thunk that Jerry Springer would be all the buzz?

It also helps that his partner is this hot, leggy dancer! She is great! She really helps him ham it up... and... she's a Brit to boot. Go Figure!

Countdown To Trouble!

I have added a new counter that is counting down my days, hours, minutes and seconds to Motherhood...

Now you too can come along for the ride while I countdown to when I get no sleep, privacy or alone time... ever again!

No more for me Ppplease!

It's October and this usually means that it's time for me to break out the scary movies! Well, I think last year made it impossible for me to enjoy scary movies this year. There was a whole list of movies that we watched last year throughout the month of October... I can't even remember all the movies.

All I remember is that we ended with The Exorcist.

Holy CRAP!!!! That is the scariest movie I have ever watched or will ever watch in my life! I literally had nightmares for two weeks after seeing this movie. It is THAT scary!

After that jaunt with watching as many scary movies as I could get my grubby little fingees on last year and after putting myself through watching the ultimate in scary movies... I can honestly say that I am through watching scary movies!

So everyone... have fun enjoying a good scare this month... I however, am opting out.

It's Premiere Time!

Battlestar Galactica premieres this Friday at 7pm on the SciFi Channel! They are playing the first two episodes that night.

Aaron and Kenny are coming over and I am making potato soup, yummy!

I can't wait to see what this season has in store for us... Anyone have predictions?