Hallows Eve!

Halloween is just days away...

I think I might be a Cheetah for the big day!

I need to put together the costume on Friday and Satruday and have Terri come over to put on the Cheetah makeup! I am trying to talk Mike into it too, but I don't think he is too keen on the idea! We'll see though, I might be able to sway him.

Yay for Halloween!

I really want to watch Young Frankenstein this weekend. What a hoot of a movie! I saw a trailer for Saw 3 last night on telelvision and thought to myself... I am so over scary movies. I have no desire to see that movie this year. Although, I have decided that there is a distinct difference between Devil movies and Monster movies. I will never see a Devil movie again. I probably will see a Monster movie though, just not this year.


TibKat said...

I am so with you on the whole Devil Movie!!! Or Satanic Movie!!! I have vowed that crap totally off! Jim loves scarey movies and so do I to a degree... Ever since I saw some "ugly sacrifice your child movie" with Jim, "No more!" I say! "No More!"

Terri said...

evil movies suck!!!