And the wall comes tumbling down...

This last weekend Mike and my brother Aaron tore out the bar in our basement. We are going to use this space for our office area once the kid gets here... so we thought we would start getting ready for it now instead of after the blessed day comes.

Anyway, I got a little picture happy and decided to post my documentation of the wall (or in this case, bar) tumbling down.

I came in with the camera after they already had a good start.

The look from behind the bar after the guts were taken out.

Mike is taking out some pent up aggression. He said though that you didn't have to swing that sledge hammer very hard to make the brick crumble.

The side wall is down and being taken out to the side of the house.

Mike and Aaron both had a turn at the front of the wall.

It came down just as easily as the side did.

Hans and Frans... We're here to PUMP You UP!

Vioala! Just like that and it's cleared out. It took the boys about 2 hours total to take down the entire bar and bring everything outside to be thrown away. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon, if I don't say so myself.


Aaron said...

That was a fun time. Let's do it again. What else do have that I can take a sledge hammer to?

tracifree said...

Aaron, come over to my house, I've go a husband that could use a good sledge hammerin.
This is so adorable Sarah, you're nesting! And so is Mike!

Terri said...

Remember when we knocked out the wall in the living room at your house, little S?

I got the 1st hit. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

What colors are you choosing for the baby's nursery? Would you like a little help with painting and other things?
How exciting!!!

Saroo said...

I am going to paint it a taupe color and then paint 12" squares of green and pink about 3/4 of the way up the wall... they will be about 6 inches apart. I think I am going to paint the closet pink too.

Terri said...

I'd love to help!