Decorations from the Heart~

Last year Mike’s family cleared out the house that his Dad, uncle and aunt grew up in. They sold the house to his cousin and her husband. Mike's Grandparents loved the Christmas season and every year they would decorate with ornaments all over the house. His Grandfather would hang small chains across the ceiling and would then hang glass ornaments from the chains. They had all sorts of ornaments that hung in the house. It always looked so festive and inviting, just like his Grandparents were.

Well, when they cleared out the house they divvied up the Christmas ornaments amongst all the grandchildren and Mike and I got a rather large bin filled with these Christmas goodies. So, this year I have decided to decorate our house and Christmas tree in memory of Mike's wonderful Grandparents, using all the decorations that were given to us from his family. I will take a picture of our festive home when I am finished. It won't be until this weekend. Maybe I can kick off my 25 things that I am grateful for with a picture of our tree and such.

Best Dog Ever!

My mom took our dog of 14 years to the Vet yesterday and had her put to sleep. My sister and brother in law came into town last night and we were talking about this. My brother in law said that he figured it out that Tasha (our dog) was about 130 years old. That is OLD!!!

I went over to my mom's yesterday to say my goodbyes to the old gal. She didn't remember who I was and I was her favorite for years. She had had a hard time seeing and hearing the last few years and barely wagged her tail at me. She was pacing the entire time I was there and flinched every time my hand patted her head, because she couldn't see my hand approaching. I was going to go with my mom to the Vet, but decided then wussed out at the last minute.

I wanted to post a picture of her, because she was so cute and sweet, but I am at work and don't have any pictures of her here. If I remember when I get home I will post one. She will be missed, but I believe that she is MUCH happier now that she can frolic in the clouds with all the other dogs.

Tasha was the BEST DOG WE EVER HAD!!!

Thanksgiving is Next Week...

...And I'm gettin' ready! I have been assigned to Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes.. mmm, yummy! I love good eats on Thanksgiving! I love the Thanksgiving Day Parade and I love making breakfast that morning. I always make cinnamon rolls and freshly squeezed orange juice. I love the holidays! I was so excited about the holidays coming that I made the ultimate Christmas CD last night... Now, I know that some of you would say, WHAT?!?!? It's not even Thanksgiving yet. but for some reason this year I just can't wait for the official season to kick off (So, that explains the Santa clock already displayed on your blog). I am so excited about the Holidays this year. Maybe it's because this is the last Christmas that Mike and I will spend with just the two of us... maybe it's because I know that we will have someone else to share this wonderful time of year with and it just makes me elated! All I know is that I am really looking forward to it.

I have also decided that starting December 1st I am going to post once a day with a reason that I love Christmas. It will be like a count down to the BIG DAY!!! I will start with Reason #25 and work my way down to reason #1 on Christmas Day*** We'll see how long it will last. You never know, I might get bored with it on day 6 and decide to not continue. If that happens I will let you know. But, keep posted and you should find out the 25 reasons I love Christmas and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! I know, I am SUCH a nerd... but, what can you do? Christmas makes me happy, HAPPY!!

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San Diego Pics!

Here are some pictures of our trip to San Diego... enjoy! I hope that you can make heads or tails of them. The trip was great fun! We saw lots of stuff, but weren't there nearly long enough. I hope we can go back some day.

Don't forget to VOTE!!!

Today is the day...

I got a call yesterday from a man reminding me to vote for Orrin Hatch, Mark Walker, Chris Cannon... basically all the republicans in Ootah. The reason I remembered this call above all the other calls I have received over the last several weeks is because:

1) He was an actual living breathing person and not a recording
b) I could tell he was nervous
z) He had the hiccups

I haven't voted yet, but am going to on my way into work... Are you voting today?

Update: I voted! The electronic ballot is quite simple to use. Go vote, you won't regret it!

Leavin' on a Jet Plane!

Mike and I are leaving tonight to go down to San Diego for the weekend!

I am so excited! I will give a full report when we return, but until then...

Have a good weekend everybody!