Decorations from the Heart~

Last year Mike’s family cleared out the house that his Dad, uncle and aunt grew up in. They sold the house to his cousin and her husband. Mike's Grandparents loved the Christmas season and every year they would decorate with ornaments all over the house. His Grandfather would hang small chains across the ceiling and would then hang glass ornaments from the chains. They had all sorts of ornaments that hung in the house. It always looked so festive and inviting, just like his Grandparents were.

Well, when they cleared out the house they divvied up the Christmas ornaments amongst all the grandchildren and Mike and I got a rather large bin filled with these Christmas goodies. So, this year I have decided to decorate our house and Christmas tree in memory of Mike's wonderful Grandparents, using all the decorations that were given to us from his family. I will take a picture of our festive home when I am finished. It won't be until this weekend. Maybe I can kick off my 25 things that I am grateful for with a picture of our tree and such.


lily said...

How neat that you can have such meaningful decorations. I hope you do post pictures.
Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my last post. You are not a bad friend at all, please don't ever think that!
Good luck decorating!