Best Dog Ever!

My mom took our dog of 14 years to the Vet yesterday and had her put to sleep. My sister and brother in law came into town last night and we were talking about this. My brother in law said that he figured it out that Tasha (our dog) was about 130 years old. That is OLD!!!

I went over to my mom's yesterday to say my goodbyes to the old gal. She didn't remember who I was and I was her favorite for years. She had had a hard time seeing and hearing the last few years and barely wagged her tail at me. She was pacing the entire time I was there and flinched every time my hand patted her head, because she couldn't see my hand approaching. I was going to go with my mom to the Vet, but decided then wussed out at the last minute.

I wanted to post a picture of her, because she was so cute and sweet, but I am at work and don't have any pictures of her here. If I remember when I get home I will post one. She will be missed, but I believe that she is MUCH happier now that she can frolic in the clouds with all the other dogs.

Tasha was the BEST DOG WE EVER HAD!!!


Terri said...

Long live the Tahtee Tah!!!

lily said...

I can't believe that she is gone... please give my condolences to all the family, it is such a loss to lose a pet after all those years. I remember Tasha very well and she was a really great dog. I can't believe how long she lived!
So Sorry!


tracifree said...

Oh Sar, I'm so sorry. I remember Tasha very well too. Such a sweet spirit. My condolances to the entire Brand Clan.