I am...on a roll!

I am so glad that today is Friday. Not that I have anything spectacular planned for the weekend, I am just glad that I get 2 days off before I have to come back to work. I guess I shouldn't really say that... things are a whole heckuvalot better here at work... I weathered the storm and things are looking up!

Mike is going canyoneering this weekend, leaving tonight, and I am not going. Am I lame for not going? I don't feel that I am conditioned enough to go and frankly, I have freaked myself out about rappelling since I haven't done it for so long. I guess I should just get over myself and go... Chuck was trying to convince me to go last night, but I was firm with my NO to him. I guess I could always change my mind... but I doubt I will. I AM LAME!!! I think I have lost my adventurous side. I need to find it again... I think it might have been lost along with my abs... That is where my adventurous has been hiding... in my gut!

It's funny that everything for me is wrapped up in my outward appearance... I am ridiculously vain. If there is a mirror, I look into it. If there is someone who is remotely attractive, I compare myself to her. Or, even if she isn't remotely attractive I think to myself, at least I don't look like her. I am an AWFUL person! How did I turn into such a shallow person? Everyone says that I look just fine the way I am, but I don't agree... I don't think that I will ever agree until I am a size 4 on a size 8 frame.

Oh my life... who wants it? Like it's so bad, really. Look at me go, I could go on forever about myself... oh, wait - this is my blog, that is what it is intended for. I guess it doesn't really matter. If you don't like my statements, then you can stop reading at any time! I am on a roll today, aren't I?


Terri said...

I am soooooooooo sure. You do TOO have great plans this weekend. You ARE hanging out with ME!!!

tracifree said...

Sar-this song is about you, so don't sweat the vanity. Besides, you have no other vice!

Anonymous said...

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