Soccer Anyone?

I went to my very first ReAL Soccer game on Saturday night. We have a friend (Logan) who works for the team and he hooked us up with some sweet tickets! So, I have to say that I did indeed get bit by the REaL bug on Saturday. It was exciting, even though I know absolutely nothing about soccer, to sit there and watch the game. Very Exciting!

We were about 20 rows up on the west side of the field. They were good seats. Mike went down to the front row for the last 15 minutes of the game with Ethan and watched from there. I have to say... Soccer is really fun to watch! Much like playing a round of golf, it's fun to do or watch live, but I still wouldn't ever watch it on telelvision.

So, Logan is going to hook me up with a jersey and we just might go the the Madrid ReAL game too. We are thinking about it. I don't care if David Beckham plays or not... I wanna see Posh Spice!


Terri said...

I wanna see Beckhams ASS!