A rope, A ball and an iPod~

Yesterday we went to DICK's sporting goods and bought an exercise ball, medicine ball, speed jump rope and an exercise mat for me. This is the start of my weight loss experience. So, this morning I took Tucy up to the park near our house and walked around it for 1 1/3 miles then came home and "worked out" using the exercise ball (which just about killed me) for about 15 minutes then I tried to jump rope, but the jumping was hurting my stomach so that didn't last all that long either.

The good thing is that I am trying and I am going to keep on trying until it doesn't hurt anymore, and at that point I will start to amp up the pace so I can start losing even more weight. At this point I am just going to be getting my body to not completely jiggle every time I do an exercise.

I am so completely grossed out by my jiggling body that it could be something that would normally discourage me, but this time I am trying so, so hard to not let it. I want this jiggle to go away and by having it gross me out to the point where I don't want to exercise isn't going to help me at all. It will just make me depressed about the way I look and then I will look even worse once I give in to not making an effort to try and get rid of the very thing that is making feel this way in the first place. Does that make sense? It does to me.

Anyway, so the very start of this journey includes a rope, a ball and an iPod... Oh, and I just found out that there is a Dancing with the Stars exercise DVD where I can exercise to the Salsa, Pasa Doble, Cha Cha and the Jive. I called Michael and told him that I really want to get that. I would love to learn those dances and in turn lose some weight AND not have to pay for dance lessons. It's a bonus all around.


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