He'll Never Say THAT Again!

Yesterday Mike and I took Tucy up to his parents house to spend the day so he and I could spend a few hours together. We dropped her off at about 12:00pm, then we went to lunch at The Pub. We were going to go to a movie but missed the show that we had planned to go to so we decided to go to REI and get a stroller for the little bug. When we went into the store we found the strollers off to the right side of the store, but they didn't have the right stroller that we needed. Mike went and tracked down someone to help us and he walked us over to the bike station to look up the stroller that we were inquiring about. He looked up the stroller in the computer and told us that they didn't have one in stock and that they had some on order that would be coming later this month... the rest of the conversation went as follows:

Him: It looks as though you have a little while before you'll be needing it. (pointing at my stomach)
Me: She's been born.
Him: Oh, um, I'm sorry!
Me: It's okay.
Him: How old is he or she?
Me: A couple months (I didn't have the heart to say 3)
Him: I guess it takes a couple months for everything to go back the way it was.
The sales guy next to him: Whoops!
Me: Let that be a lesson to you.
The sales guy next to him:
You'll never say THAT again!!
Me: Never Assume.

Mike was floored with how I "jumped all over is A$$". I didn't think that I jumped. All though it is a little out of character for me to be that confrontational with someone that I don't know. But, I haven't ever had anybody say that to me before. It was quite humorous even right afterward. Mike was sure that the poor guy was going to feel badly about it for the rest of the day and tell his wife about his "open mouth, insert foot" moment. I actually felt bad for the guy, but was glad that I could teach him this valuable lesson. You really shouldn't assume that about anybody... it's bad form. Anyway, we didn't end up buying that stroller after all. We went to a different store and bought a stroller for 2/3's the cost... along with some Rollerblades for me. After that we went and picked up Tucy, drove to a park and went rollerblading. I don't ever want someone to assume that I am pregnant (when I'm not, or even when I am!) again!


tracifree said...

I've been on both ends of that mistake: jumping someone's ass for assuming, and putting my foot in my mouth for assuming. I guess I'll never learn.

Em said...

Doesn't sound like you "jumped all over" that guy. You were cute... and SERIOUS.

Let that be a lesson to him!

T said...

I would've flat out told him to f**k off.
-but, that's just me!