You say you want a... what?!

My good friend Ethan and my husband are going to be working on a documentary about this... they will be traveling over to Romania in July to film everything, then will be putting it together and distributing it to High schools and Colleges.

December Films is looking for donations that will be matched $ for $ up to $5k. If you are interested in contributing... go here.


loggins said...

I watched the video and clicked on the link to wikipedia. Where was I on this? I didn't even know about a Romanian Revolution in '89. It was interesting and a bit sad to read about it, especially the execution by firing squad of the leader's wife as well.

Ethan said...


If you're interested, make a donation.

Help get this story told.

Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, so no matter the amount it will be put to good use.

Plus it's tax deductable.