I haven't really updated about the things that Tucy has started to accomplish lately. So, here goes...

* I don't know why she thinks that she needs to throw her sippy cup on the floor after every drink. It doesn't matter how thirsty she is.
* She is now fluent in the following words: Uh-Oh, Daddy, Boo, Hi Daddy, Whoa, Oops, did I say Daddy? And as of today... Hello, except she says it like, Ello!
* A crawling maniac inside the house and on the sidewalk, but hates and I mean hates the grass, unless I force her to walk on it... then she's fine.
* Using everything like its a phone... toys, car seat buckle, everything... I guess I talk on the phone more than I thought I did.
* Picking up her books, opening them and reading to herself. Although I can't understand a word she's saying, I know that she can read perfectly and she's only 15 months.
* Standing up for a minute or two at a time... she was doing this more about a week ago, now she won't let go of my fingers when she is standing. I guess it comes and goes.
* Splashing in the bath tub I think is her favorite thing to do and she's really good at it.

That's about all that I can think of right now. I'll try to be better about updates of what shes doing and how shes developing. I said I'd try.


Jill said...

I remember those times, and I miss them so much! My little guy will be 5 next month, and I keep wondering where the time went!

I want to have another baby, but I want to get back in shape first. So I can undo all my hard work. lol

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Your little one sounds just adorable.