Silly Serpent

The other night Mikey and I were out in the front yard. We'd just put Tucy down for the night and he was changing a sprinkler head that had been damaged at some point. I heard our neighbors next door talking about how they had found something in the bushes next to their house. Now, I knew that it was a gardener snake, because I have seen this snake a couple of times. I was glad that they had discovered it, but didn't really think anything more of it. The kids across the street all ran over to look at the snake and the boy that lives next door (lets call him Boy 1), I guess didn't want it, so one of the kids that lives across the street (actually their dad lives across the street, their mom lives a couple blocks away, but that's another story for another time) anyway, the boy across the street (lets call him Boy 2), I guess was gonna take the snake, because Boy 1 didn't want it, or something. Anyway, so, Mikey and I are sitting out in the front yard and we hear this exchange:

Boy 1 - You can't take it, don't go!
Boy 2 - I'm gonna go home.
Boy 1 - You CAN'T! Don't go, you ass-hole!
Mikey - Did he just call one of those kids an ass-hole?
Boy 1 - I want it back! I want to keep it!

This all happens as Boy 2 is walking across the street with a Costco diaper box that has some holes cut into it, obviously holding their new found friend. Boy 1 runs after him crying hysterically, wanting his new friend, the gardener snake back.

Key Note: The information that I forgot to mention and the thing that makes this decidedly even more funny is that these boys are about 6 years old.